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Haunted Highways
Haunted Highways and Trucker Legends: Eerie Encounters on America’s Roads Truckers travel much of the country, trekking from coast to coast, through winding roads, and all sorts of busy byways. With so many miles under their 18 wheels, they are…
September 20, 2023
Lumper fees in trucking
Lumpers are regularly, and often integrally, used in today’s trucking industry. Trucking companies or carriers, both big and small, warehouses, brokers, and shippers hire lumper services, considered third-party operations at large. What is a lumper? A lumper unloads cargo and…
August 25, 2023
Truckers on the frontline of natural disasters
Natural disasters, whether they’re hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, or snowstorms, are equally destructive to lives, homes, and businesses. They can also severely disrupt the supply chain by land, sea, and air. But especially during natural disasters our intrepid truckers keep supply…
August 3, 2023
National Truck Driver Appreciation Week
Thank you, truckers. Since we can’t personally offer our gratitude to all truck drivers across the country – that would be quite a haul, wouldn’t it? – we have National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW). It’s during NTDAW that truck drivers get to experience well-deserved recognition and perks for their efforts in keeping our country moving forward. National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, coming September 10-17, 2023, kicked off in 1998 as a collective way to appreciate and highlight the work of safe truckers across the country. NTDAW serves as a reminder that without truck drivers delivering the food and products we need to live every day, the economy and certainly our daily lives would be vastly different.
July 20, 2023
Skyline Flagship LLC
The votes are in and we have a winner of the 2024 Apex Client Calendar Contest. Jimmy Cole of Oklahoma-based Skyline Flagship LLC took the coveted cover spot with his dramatic shot of his 2017 blue Western Star truck. Where did Jimmy take the picture? What were the circumstances surrounding his winning photo? And why did he enter it? We talked to Jimmy and got answers to all those questions. Plus, learn the rest of the 2024 Apex Client Calendar featured trucks as well as a couple of honorable mentions.
July 10, 2023
Semi Truck Parking
Truck parking remains a top concern for truckers. In fact, it’s been the top concern for truckers since 2015, according to the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI)’s 2021 report, Truck Parking Information Systems: Truck Driver Use and Perceptions. It is a widespread problem that gets more complicated each year, even leading truckers to parking illegally because of space constraints. But there are more solutions today. We have five useful steps for finding a truck parking space, and we also discuss a variety of apps that aim to make the truck parking headache a bit easier to endure.
June 7, 2023
Successful Trucking
Nobody would argue that being your own boss is great. But owning a trucking company is only half of it, you also have to manage your trucking company. That’s when you need to take care of back-office operations, financial growth, financial protection, growing business credit, hiring good people, marketing your brand, offering excellent customer service, and so much more. But don’t be overwhelmed. We have Apex Capital experts that can guide you through all the facets of building a successful trucking company. Check out their tips. 
May 30, 2023
FMCSA Proposes Changes to the CSA SMS Program That Prioritize Enforcement The function of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is to ensure that our highways move smoothly without crashes or injuries. All travelers want to arrive at their…
May 5, 2023
Daniel Henderson
Technology is increasingly crucial for trucking companies to stay competitive and successful in a large and changing industry. But technology has a dark side, and truckers aren’t immune to its cyber criminal wrath. Daniel Henderson, Chief Information Officer for Apex Capital, brings 22 years of experience in software development, engineering, and information technology. He knows the benefits of instant factoring payments and paperless invoicing, as well as the data security dangers trucking companies face today. He shares invaluable advice that can help all trucking companies stay secure and profitable. This blog is the tenth in a series with Apex Experts sharing their industry knowledge.
March 13, 2023
Notice of Assignment
Factoring is common practice for trucking companies. Deciding to factor and partnering with a factoring company means understanding what goes into a factoring agreement. A key component of a factoring agreement is a notice of assignment (NOA). We explain the basics of factoring and also explore what an NOA means to the trucking company and the broker, which is the trucking company’s customer. 
February 22, 2023




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