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At Apex, we pride ourselves on our world-class customer service. We look at it this way: A happy client leads to a successful trucking company. And we always want to help trucking companies grow and succeed. So, we proudly share reviews & recommendations that our clients have posted about us. If our clients take the time out of their very busy schedules to say how much they love doing business with Apex, then we are definitely doing something right.

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Gumfory Holdings LLC Celebrates Successful First Year

Don and Stephanie Gumfory of Burleson, Texas started their trucking company, Gumfory Holdings, through the Apex Startup Program. Now they are great Apex factoring clients. They recently celebrated their first year in business and as Don says, “We are blessed.” In that year they learned to nurture dedicated lanes (hauling milk) and be open to flexibility (hauling steel and cotton). Don kept Apex by their side every step of the way, from saving on startup fees because Stephanie is a veteran to saving big on diesel with the Apex TCS Fuel Card. Don, who left a steady company driver position complete with benefits because he wanted to be his own boss, hasn’t looked back one bit. He’s ready to put in the work to ensure more Gumfory Holdings celebrations.

“since my wife is a veteran, they waived all their fees, so basically, it cost us very, very little to get started. that was a blessing and we thank god for her service again.”