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Celebrate the Road Warriors: How to Show Gratitude During National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

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Celebrate the Road Warriors: How to Show Gratitude During National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Thank you, truckers. Since we can’t personally offer our gratitude to all truck drivers across the country – that would be quite a haul, wouldn’t it? – we have National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW). It’s during NTDAW that truck drivers get to experience well-deserved recognition and perks for their efforts in keeping our country moving forward.

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, coming September 10-16, 2023, kicked off in 1998 as a collective way to appreciate and highlight the work of safe truckers across the country. NTDAW serves as a reminder that without truck drivers delivering the food and products we need to live every day, the economy and certainly our daily lives would be vastly different.

The Economic Importance of Truck Drivers

Trucker appreciation week underscores the economic importance of truck drivers. Because they haul everything from food to vehicles, construction equipment to clothing, and sporting goods to medicine, they are key to commerce and that in turn keeps the economy churning. But truckers do face challenges on the road, namely the constant pressure to make those deliveries safely and on time, many distractions while on the highway, truck maintenance costs, lack of truck parking spaces, and long days away from home.

That’s why it is so important to thank a trucker. NTDAW is crucial for all trucking companies to observe and implement. Keeping that culture of appreciation and recognition alive goes a long way to keeping truckers happy. Happy truckers make sure to stay safe during hauls and take care to deliver loads in perfect condition.

The Many Ways to Show Appreciation

So, what can trucking companies do for their drivers? There are many ways to show appreciation. While a warm thank you is always welcomed, there’s more signs of appreciation that make truckers feel special. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Keep wellness top of mind – Think about work flexibility and accommodate with personalized shift starts and stops. Create work-life balance by granting paid time off. Make sure you have a wellness program for your drivers, not just standard health insurance. But do offer preventative healthcare so that your driver is always at his or her best.
  • Reward truckers – Money does speak volumes when you offer competitive pay and bonuses. Trucking is hard work, so make sure drivers are well compensated. How about awards, say trophies or certificates for safest driver or most punctual driver or even for most fuel saving driver? Present them in person with co-workers gathered so the entire company.
  • Give trucker gifts and social events – There are so many cool gifts that would make truckers feel special, such as headsets, homemade items, off-duty event tickets, and amazon or iTunes gift cards. Or you could throw them a picnic party complete with a bounty of food and drinks. How about a barbecue? These events are great for socializing and camaraderie.
  • Keep truckers safe and savvy – Does the truck need maintenance or upgrades? Could it use an APU for a bit more comfort? What about technology or driver assistance systems that provide extra safety and keep drivers savvy? These are also great ways to show appreciation by keeping driving conditions tip top.

The Importance of Truck Driver Appreciation Week

The great importance of having a truck driver appreciation week is to recognize and reward truckers, of course. But it also serves as a great motivator, an awesome dose of encouragement for essential workers that many times go unsung. National Truck Driver Appreciation Week keeps truckers happy. A happy trucker continues to safely and expertly deliver the goods that we need every day to keep our lives and our country moving.

Appreciating our small to mid-sized trucking company factoring clients happens every day at Apex, not just during NTDAW. Ask us about the benefits of factoring with Apex. Call us at 855-369-2739 or get started here.