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Apex Factoring For Trucking Companies

Apex Factoring for Truckers:
The Fastest Way to Get Paid

Apex Capital is a leading freight factoring company that provides fast payment solutions for trucking companies. When you factor your trucking company’s freight bills with Apex Capital, you can receive payment in minutes after your freight invoices are purchased. Plus, those who qualify can use Apex 24/7 Factoring service to get paid anytime, anywhere through blynk® , including nights, weekends, and bank holidays.

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Better Options

We offer better options for freight factoring, including:

  • Transparent, competitive factoring rates
  • Same-day and next-day funding
  • Payment in minutes after invoice purchase
  • 24/7 Factoring – nights, weekends, and bank holidays
  • Recourse and non-recourse factoring plans
  • Fuel credit lines starting at $2,500 for qualifying clients
  • Cash Flow Assistance Program

Better Solutions

A few of the solutions Apex factoring clients get:

  • FREE unlimited broker credit checks
  • FREE online Account Management Portal (AMP) with 24/7 access
  • FREE Mobile Factoring™ app with image capture technology
  • FREE fuel card with HUGE discounts on fuel nationwide
  • FREE fuel finder
  • FREE unlimited access to our exclusive load board,
  • FREE membership to Apex 24/7 Roadside Rescue™

Better Service

Legendary service for your trucking company:

  • No monthly minimum volume fees
  • No long-term contracts required
  • Same-day and next-day funding options
  • Professional collections on factored invoices
  • A highly experienced account executive to help you manage your account

Types of Freight Companies That Factor

Trucking companies have trusted Apex for freight invoice factoring since 1995. Over the years, we often get asked what kind of trucking companies can factor with Apex. We have tools and services to provide value to all trucking companies. Whether your trucking company is large or small, new or experienced, and especially for those hauling any type of freight you can benefit from the legendary service Apex truck factoring provides to help you grow and thrive.

We have offered factoring for small trucking companies in these industries:

  • General Freight
  • Intermodal Trucking
  • Flatbed Trucking
  • Step-deck Trucks
  • Refrigerated Freight
  • Water Hauling
  • Sand Hauling
  • Oil & Gas
  • Large Equipment
  • Auto and Car Hauling
  • Tanker
  • Hot Shot
  • Expedite
  • Oversize
  • LTL and TL
  • Dry Bulk
  • Liquids
  • Hazmat
  • And much more…

What is Freight Factoring?

Freight factoring is when a trucking company sells its accounts receivable (invoices) to a factoring company like Apex at a discount. Then, the factoring company gives the trucking company a payment within 24 hours.

Here is how freight factoring works:

  1. Your truck driver delivers a load like usual.
  2. You submit your rate confirmation, bill of lading (BOL), and other paperwork for your hauled loads to your factoring company.
  3. The factoring company verifies the delivery with the brokerage.
  4. After they’ve verified, the factoring company deposits the payment in your account using your preferred funding option. With Apex, depending on the method, you can get this payment overnight or instantly.
  5. Once you’ve received the payment for the load, the factoring company will be responsible for collecting on the payments for the lifetime of the invoice.
  6. When the customer has paid, the factoring company will collect a fee and close the invoice.

Benefits of Factoring for Trucking Companies

Factoring for trucking companies is all about cash flow. Cash flow keeps a transportation company in business. Freight factoring is about having ready funds for fuel, payroll, repairs, and more. It’s an easy way to manage cash flow for your trucking company. We buy invoices for freight that you’ve already delivered, so it’s money that is advanced on accounts receivable. Freight factoring keeps the cash flowing so you can keep hauling.

Another benefit of using a factoring company and factoring software is the support for your back office. If your trucking company is new to the industry, you may need additional help with managing the communication, billing, and collections for invoices. With factoring, the factoring company will handle these tasks, removing the burden on your trucking business. By giving the back-office work to the factoring company, your team can focus more on delivering loads.

Benefits of factoring with Apex for trucking companies

Apex’s Freight Factoring Service:
What to Expect

When you call Apex, our knowledgeable sales team (human beings, not automated voices) will learn about you and your trucking company’s needs. They will explain how factoring with Apex works and answer all your questions about our team, processes, and factoring software. Then, they can design a custom plan.

One size doesn’t fit all at Apex. We have recourse and non-recourse options, 24/7 Factoring, online account management access, back-office support, free mobile app, free fuel cards, and much more. Your questions and concerns will help us create a program that will keep your trucking business running smoothly.

Apex Factoring Reviews

"Lucky for us we found APEX 20 years ago! They are real people there. Very easy to process invoices, same day funding, low fees, and incredible fuel discounts. Our partners through the ups and downs of trucking. Don't know what we'd do without them!!" - Bruce Coleman

"The mobile app is very convenient for us; I love it. There will never be a week that we don't have something sent. There is no doubt that it makes the office paperwork part of my job a whole lot easier."

"I have thought about this experience of starting a business and I know that it would not have lasted without Apex’s assistance,” says Alvin Seger, Owner, AWS Transport LLC. “Apex is there to make sure that I succeed as I carry my own weight."

"PDP has worked with Apex Capital since 2009. Met with them in person many times, they helped me through hard times by accommodating our needs in MANY different ways. I have recommended many people to Apex, personally for many years now, and have NOT regretted any referral I gave. Having cashflow assistance is the key to succeed and grow a trucking company from 1 truck to almost 100 trucks, like we have." - Peter Pshichenko

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Check Credit on Brokers, Shippers, and Freight Forwarders

The power to check credit on each of your customers is right at your fingertips.

Checking credit on all your customers is always highly encouraged. Credit checks are the best way to get the most up-to-date information, so you can determine who you want to haul for and how much you are comfortable hauling. They also allow you to haul for reliable customers who will pay the invoice on time, reducing the chance of a payment delay or recourse.

At Apex, we make it easy and convenient to check credit on a broker or shipper that you want to haul for. You can use AMP, the Mobile Factoring™ App, or call Apex at 844-204-6608.

When You Become an Apex Client

The personal attention clicks in immediately. A highly-experienced account executive will be assigned to you. Your account executive will be with you every step of the way to help you manage your factoring account.

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Recourse or Non-Recourse Factoring:
Which is Best for You?

Non-recourse and recourse factoring is for if the factoring company cannot collect a payment from the customer. Apex offers non-recourse and recourse factoring options so you can choose the best type for your company.

What is the difference between recourse and non-recourse factoring?

Non-Recourse Factoring

For non-recourse factoring, Apex takes the credit risk if the customer defaults on their invoice payments for certain situations, which protects your business and credit

Recourse Factoring

With a recourse factoring arrangement, you are responsible for losses if your customer doesn’t pay. This responsibility means you will pay Apex for the defaulted invoice. Apex helps you check credit on shippers and brokers and makes sure customers stay on top of their invoice payments to help prevent this scenario.

Whether you choose non-recourse or recourse factoring for truck drivers, Apex is here to help. Our sales team can help you understand each option, decide which type is best for your needs, and explain the terms of your agreement.

Trucking Invoicing Made Easy

We make paperwork submission simple at Apex! Send your paperwork instantly through an online portal or the Apex Mobile Factoring™ app. All we need is the rate sheet, a signed proof of delivery (POD) or bill of lading (BOL), and any additional paperwork that is required for each load – like a lumper receipt. Once you hit submit, our team gets to work to process each invoice, so you have access to your paperwork 24/7.

Funding Options – Get Paid Even Faster

Get paid how you want. We offer flexible funding options via blynk™  (our digital payment system), Automated Clearing House (ACH), wire, check, or directly to your Apex fuel card.

The Soft Approach: Apex Collects from Your Customers

At Apex, we treat your customers like we treat you – with respect. We collect on your factored invoices so you have more time to focus on your business and keep your trucks on the road. We have built strong relationships with thousands of brokers, shippers, and freight forwarders. Many of them prefer working with Apex to any other factoring company.

We practice soft collections, which means we deal with your customers in a professional, courteous, and non-threatening way. We also offer online services to help your customers get documents and invoices quickly and make payments faster.

Start Factoring Your Freight Bills