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Apex has the tools that help trucking companies succeed

As a full-service factoring company, we do more than purchase your freight bills. Think of us as your business partner. We can’t run your business for you, but we will give you the management tools that make running a successful trucking company a breeze whether you’re on the road or in the office.

Mobile Factoring

Apex Mobile Factoring™ App

We do just about everything from our mobile phones, so why can’t freight factoring be one of them? Luckily, it can be! Managing your business is smarter, faster, and easier with the free Apex Mobile Factoring™ app. It’s the app that allows you, your drivers, or even your dispatchers to snap a picture of your billing paperwork, create an invoice, and send it to Apex all with just a few clicks. But that’s just one benefit.

Apex Factoring Account Management Portal

Account Management Portal

Stay up to date on the status of your Apex factored freight invoices and TransConnect fuel accounts anytime, anywhere. Clients can run free credit checks, create invoices online, access important tax documents, download financial reports, and access other Apex client exclusive deals and discounts with the Account Management Portal 24/7/365.

Apex Factoring Account Management Portal

Free Load Board


NextLOAD is a free load board built for truckers. Our goal when creating NextLOAD was simple — provide a fast and easy way for truckers to find freight when they need it. It’s free, so anyone can sign up and start booking loads, but Apex clients have exclusive access to features that make it a one-stop shop.

Broker Credit Checks

Credit Checks

Imagine if you could book a load feeling confident that your customer is going to pay you on time. When you check credit before you haul a load, that’s what you’re doing! Learn how Apex can help you find the best freight brokers to haul for.

Broker Credit Checks

Cash Flow Assistance

Cash Flow Assistance

The Apex Cash Flow Assistance (CFA) program is a better option than alternative lending methods, such as a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA). It’s our fast and flexible way to give qualified Apex clients cash when they need it.