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How to Write a Business Plan for Your Trucking Company

Have you always wanted to own a trucking company and become your own boss, but you don’t know the first thing about starting a business? We can help you! We’ll explain the elements commonly found in a traditional business plan, give examples to help complete it, and take a deep dive into planning for your trucking company’s finances.


The How to Write a Business Plan for Your Trucking Company Whitepaper will help you:
  • Determine the services you’ll provide, who you’ll hire, where you’ll find customers, and more.
  • Create specific goals and plans for growth.
  • Project your trucking company’s costs, expenses, and profits.
  • Plan to build a successful trucking company.

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Watch Our Video Series to Follow Along

Our How to Write a Business Plan video series goes over the key points of writing a business plan to help you get a 360-degree picture of your trucking company.

  • Part One: Discover the basics of a trucking company business plan and determine what kind of trucking company you want to own.
  • Part Two: Dive deep into your trucking company’s future finances. We explain how you can build a successful trucking company with three important financial projections.

Part One Video

Part Two Video