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Apex TCS Fuel Card

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Save More with the Apex Fuel Card for Trucking Companies

Diesel fuel costs can take up a big portion of your trucking company’s operating expenses. The Apex Fuel Card Program, with help from our fuel card partner TransConnect Services (TCS), is a comprehensive fuel card for trucking companies, large or small. The Apex Fuel Card provides money-saving diesel fuel discounts and fuel management tools to find the best fuel prices at more than 1,500 in-network locations nationwide.

What Are Fuel Cards for Trucking Companies?

A fuel card is a payment card drivers use when purchasing fuel. When drivers use the fuel card at an in-network fuel station, they will be able to fill at a discounted price.

With fuel cards, you can:

Benefits of Fuel Cards

Fuel cards offer many advantages for trucking companies. When your truck drivers use a fuel card at the pump, you’ll gain these benefits:

  • Significant savings per gallon: The primary benefit of fuel cards for trucking companies is saving money on fuel purchases. Fuel is a major expense for trucking companies of all sizes. Fuel cards offer a discount per gallon, and these savings add up.
  • Easy to use: Fuel cards are easy for truck drivers to use at the pump since they work like credit cards. With a fuel card, drivers can simply buy the fuel without carrying cash or managing receipts.
  • Automatic purchase records: There’s no need to save receipts when you use fuel cards. You can see all the fuel purchases made on your account at any time.
  • More security and control: Fuel cards allow you to control your fuel spending since drivers must use them at in-network fuel stations. Placing limits on transactions and gallons per day eliminates excessive spending and prevents theft.
  • Simple IFTA reporting: The fuel reports from your fuel card show the details of your fuel purchases and are available on demand. These comprehensive reports make preparing your IFTA fuel tax reports easier.

Fuel Discounts Made Easy

Apex Fuel Card | Fuel Card for truckers

Choose the Best Fuel Card

The industry-renowned and robust TCS Electronic Funds Source (EFS) and TCS Comdata platforms support the Apex Fuel Card program. Choose which program is ideal for your trucking company.

Low Fees

Low Fees

The Apex Fuel Card offers low and fair costs, no matter the size of your fleet. Enjoy no transaction fees at in-network locations, no set-up fees, no activation fees, no membership fees, no annual fees, and no monthly fees.

Save 49 cents at the pump with the Apex fuel card

Save Money

We pass 100% of our fuel discounts back to our clients, resulting in better prices at the pump when compared to other fuel card companies. Our clients save an average of 49 cents* per gallon on fuel. The savings add up even more with a $0 transaction fee when they fuel up at in-network locations.*Average savings of 49 cents per gallon is based on actual in-network TCS Fuel Card client transactions for Q2 of 2023.

Fuel Discount Partners

Fuel Discount Calculator

How much money can you save with the Apex Fuel Card?

Weekly Fuel Cost: ${{fuelCostAverageValue}}

Estimated Annual Savings :


*The Apex Fuel Savings Calculator provides estimated fuel prices and savings, and in no way binds Apex Capital Corp to fuel prices or discounts. The calculator does not provide a final determination of the fuel prices you will pay or the discount you may receive, but is merely an estimation. Fuel prices continually change due to the market, suppliers, and truck stop determinations.

Fleet Fuel Management Tools

Find BIG Fuel Savings:

What good is a fuel card with great fuel discounts if you can’t find the discount locations? We thought of that, too!

The Apex Fuel Finder is a tool that helps you find the best prices on fuel at truck stop locations along your route. Using the Fuel Finder is easy with our Account Management Portal (AMP), so we’ve got you covered from desktop to mobile and everywhere in between.

Save money on fuel with the apex fuel card for truckers

Fuel Savings Optimization:

The Apex Fuel Finder locates the best fuel prices, and we also optimize overall fuel purchases with our Fuel Analysis tool. Every Apex client can get a FREE Fuel Analysis anytime. The fuel analysis is a detailed audit of their fuel purchases. It gives Apex clients specific recommendations customized to their trucking company to help them further improve their fuel savings.

Easy Fuel Reports:

Apex is dedicated to making your most tedious tasks easier. We can help you find the best fuel prices, save the most you can on fuel, and provide comprehensive fuel reports. Detailed fuel reports are generated automatically for our clients using our fuel card whenever they need them. Automatic fuel reports make your quarterly IFTA reports that much easier to file.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fuel Cards

Here are some common questions we get about the Apex Fuel Card Program.

How Do Diesel Fuel Cards for Truckers Work?

Using a fuel card for your trucking company is simple:

  1. Go to an approved truck stop on your route.
  2. Fill your truck with fuel like usual.
  3. Finish the transaction using your fuel card or our Cardless Fueling option.
  4. Enjoy instant savings on your fuel purchase.

Where Can Fuel Cards Be Used?

You can use the Apex Fuel Card at more than 12,000 truck stops nationwide and across Canada. Apex Fuel Card clients save an average of 49 cents per gallon on fuel, plus enjoy $0 transaction fees, when they stop at more than 1,500 in-network locations, including TA®, Petro Stopping Centers®, TA Express®, AMBEST, Speedway, Kwik Trip, Kwik Star, PWI, Road Ranger, Roady’s, Sapp Bros, and more.

The Apex Fuel Finder will help you find these truck stops so you can plan your fuel stops in advance or on the road. In the app, you can filter locations by network, price, or chain along your route or within a radius.

Do Fuel Cards Save Money?

The biggest advantage of fuel cards for your trucking company is saving money. Fuel cards offer a discount on fuel, and these savings add up for frequently used trucks and long-distance trips. Most clients who use Apex Fuel Card and Fuel Finder at in-network locations save an average of 49 cents per gallon.

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How to Save Thousands on Fuel Every Year

The average Apex client using the Apex Fuel Card and Fuel Finder is saving 49 cents per gallon on fuel. Think about how many gallons you purchase — those discounts add up! Learn how fuel discounts aren’t created equal and how to increase your fuel efficiency with this free white paper!

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Apex is dedicated to helping trucking companies save money at the pump. Use your Apex Fuel Card to get an average of 49 cents off per gallon. No matter your fleet size or distance traveled, your business will save a lot of money on fuel every year.

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