Apex Partners | Our Trusted Trucking Industry Partnerships

Apex Capital works to continuously innovate and adapt the products and services we offer to our clients with the goal of helping them grow their trucking company. Partnerships with trusted industry professionals help us provide an extensive program to our clients. We value our business partners, our clients, and each other equally as we all work together to serve the hard-working and dedicated people that make up the trucking industry.

Apex Capital Partners


Where America stops for service and value.

Commercial Credit Group Inc.

Whether you are buying new or used equipment, want to refinance existing loans, or need working capital, CCG has the expertise and flexibility to suit your specific fleet financing needs.


An app that helps drivers save time and money by providing dock information they can use.

Fuel City
Fuel City

A leading convenience store and travel center.

jerue logo

Jerue provides logistic solutions for thousands of carriers, ranging from large national and international companies to smaller independent businesses.

Keystone Equipment Finance Corp.

Flexible equipment financing for owner-operators and small fleets. Helping you obtain the over-the-road trucks, trailers, box trucks, and other vocational vehicles to upgrade and grow your fleet and your business.

Motive ELD
Kwik Trip

From the start, we’ve focused on doing right by our guests and our community. We are committed to producing high quality products and services at a superior value. This includes providing our guests the highest quality fuel every day.

Mondics Insurance
Mondics Insurance Group, Inc.

One of the leading independently owned agencies in Texas that specializes in transportation insurance.

Motive ELD

Connect your fleet. Automate your operations with Motive.

Road Ranger
Road Ranger

The travel center that delivers the best value for your money.

Transport Pro
Road Ready Insurance Agency

Road Ready Insurance is an independent agency that specializes in the trucking industry nationally.

TA Petro RoadSquad

The roadside provider with an average dispatch time of 30 minutes nationwide.


Their mission is to preserve, improve and strengthen the hometown truck stop experience.

Sapp Bros. Travel Centers

The travel center that delivers the best value for your money.

TA Petro

TA®, Petro Stopping Centers®, TA Express®

A leading full-service travel center company in the United States.

TA Truck Service
TA®, Petro Stopping Centers®, TA Express®

A leading full-service travel center company in the United States.

Apex Startup Program Partners

Express Truck Tax | Form 2290
Express Truck Tax

A trusted truck tax solution for the heavy vehicle use tax (HVUT) process.

FleetScreen Drug & Alcohol Testing


A nationally recognized leader in facilitating drug and alcohol testing.

Service of Process Agents, Inc.
Service of Process Agents, Inc.

The designation of agents in the transportation industry with 39 years of experience.

TMS Partners


The first intelligent TMS for truckload carriers.

Express Truck Tax | Form 2290
McLeod Software

A leading provider of transportation dispatch, operations, and brokerage management software.

Transport Pro

A transportation management company with a Web-based solution designed to aid trucking companies with innovative technological solutions.