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Discounts for Truckers

We want our clients to get cash fast
and keep it in their wallets!

Apex helps trucking companies get cash fast. As a full-service freight factoring company, we also provide resources that help clients save money on the things they purchase most. From tire and service discounts to office supplies we’ve got our clients covered. See some of the discounts truckers can access today and discounts offered exclusively to Apex clients.

Roadside Rescue Program for Truckers

24/7 Roadside Assistance: Roadside Rescue

The Apex 24/7/365 Roadside Rescue program with service provided by RoadSquad®, gives Apex clients easy access to truck breakdown assistance, road service, and towing. With discounted pricing and a nationwide roadside assistance network that provides a variety of services, Apex clients can feel confident that their emergencies and scheduled truck maintenance will be handled in the quickest, most cost-effective way possible. Learn more about services included for the Apex client exclusive Roadside Rescue program.

Tire and Service Discounts for Truckers
Tire and Service Discounts for Truckers

Tire & Service Discounts

We want to help you take the best care of your truck. When you become an Apex client, you automatically get huge discounts on tires and service for your truck at TA Truck Service® Centers nationwide. Learn more about the Apex client exclusive tire and service discounts program.

ELD Savings Program

The FMCSA requires most trucking companies to record driving hours using an approved electronic logging device (ELD). Apex offers clients a discounted FMCSA-approved ELD solution through its partnership with Motive. Learn more about ELDs and the Apex client ELD discount.

Discounted ELD Program for Truckers
NextLOAD Free Load board for truckers

Free Load Board: NextLOAD

NextLOAD is our free load board built for all carriers, brokers, and shippers. It’s a product of Apex but it’s not just for Apex clients! We wanted to create a load board that provides a faster, easier load board for all carriers, brokers, and shippers to simply find and post freight. Learn more about how you can find your next load fast on NextLOAD.com.

More discounts for truckers

More Discounts for Truckers

Apex not only offers trucking companies the cash flow solution they need, we also offer discounts on quality services – from hotels to prescription cards. That means more dollars in your wallet every month. Apex is a full-service freight factor committed to helping you save on services that help your trucking company succeed. Take advantage of hotel discounts, office supplies, and more here.

More discounts for truckers

Our discount and saving resources are just a small part of what makes Apex a full-service freight factor. We assist with more than just cash flow. We provide exclusive tools to help your trucking company succeed. Become an Apex client to get help with your cash flow, save money, and so much more.