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Free Load Board

Nextload free load board

The NextLOAD Advantage: Your Ultimate Load Board

Launched in 2014, NextLOAD was designed to provide truckers and carriers with a user-friendly platform to find real, active loads. On NextLOAD, quality loads are posted through TMS integrations from more than 14 trusted partners.

NextLOAD grows and improves with ideas directly from our users. We’ve implemented a variety of freight search options – from weight and distance all the way to keywords in comments and company type. Plus, we’ve partnered with more than 14 TMS providers including Ascend, LoadBoard Network, McLeod, Navigator, Transport Pro, and more.

Create your free NextLOAD account today and enjoy a load board that’s on-the-go just like you. Use our mobile optimization features, the convenience of smart phone, tablet, and desktop computer accessibility, and the ease of unlimited accounts for company owners, dispatchers, and drivers.


Fast Refresh

Available loads automatically refresh in near real-time. Many load boards charge you extra to refresh faster than every 60 seconds.


Available Load Alerts

Save search criteria for your favorite lanes, then automatically receive alerts when available freight matches your criteria.
Also, when you select a load from your list, NextLOAD will automatically display similar loads.


Customized Searches

Easy to navigate search features. Choose the search criteria – mileage radius around a city or state, equipment type, specific load size, and pickup date – and NextLOAD finds loads for you. You can save and pin your favorite searches, too.


Credit Checks

Apex factoring clients can instantly check credit on their prospective customers. Easily eliminating the guesswork out
of which freight bills can be factored.


Fuel Finder

The Apex Fuel Finder will help you find truck stops with the best fuel prices along your route.


Unlimited Users

Set up accounts to find available freight for yourself, your employees, your dispatchers, and your drivers.


Mobile Optimized

NextLOAD will work the same when you are searching for freight on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

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