Apex Fuel Finder | Fuel Card Program for Truckers

Apex Fuel Finder

Helping you find the best fuel discounts across the nation with the click of a button.

The Apex Fuel Finder is a free fuel management tool designed to help our fuel card clients save time and money. The Apex Fuel Finder features an interactive map to find truck stop locations and fuel prices nationwide. Apex fuel card clients use the Fuel Finder to see exclusive discounted fuel prices at all the Apex discount fuel program in-network locations along any route.

Whether you plan fuel stops ahead of time, or while you or your truck drivers are on the road, the Fuel Finder is easily accessible and available on both mobile devices and for desktop users with our free Apex Mobile Factoring™ app and the Apex Account Management Portal.

Saving money on fuel is just one of the benefits of using the Fuel Finder

Other advantages include:
  • Daily discounted fuel prices
  • See truck stop amenities including; food, showers, scales, maintenance and minor repairs, tire services, and ATM’s
  • Advanced search features allow you to search along a route or within a radius
  • Sort by in-network, price, or chain

Midnight Express

“I use [the Apex Fuel Finder] because it pinpoints cheaper fuel. It tells you what you’re gonna pay and what you’re gonna save right up front. I once saved $66 in one place.” Read more

Don’t just take our word for it, try out the Apex Fuel Finder today!