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Cash Flow Assistance

Cash Flow Assistance

As someone who works in the trucking industry, you’re no stranger to the many expenses of this profession. With cash flow assistance for trucking companies, you can get the funds you need to support your business ventures fast.

At Apex Capital, we offer trucking business cash flow assistance to help our customers get the money they need to succeed. We’ve spent over 25 years providing our customers with full-service factoring and world-class customer support.

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It’s Our Business To Get Apex
Clients Cash – Fast!

We factor freight bills, so it’s no surprise that our clients want cash fast. It’s our business. But did you know we can also provide additional capital to our clients?

The Apex Cash Flow Assistance (CFA) program is a better option than alternative lending methods, such as a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA). It’s our fast and flexible way to give qualified Apex clients cash when
they need it.

Get Fast Cash

How Does Cash Flow Assistance For Trucking Work?

If you need extra funds for your trucking company, Apex is on your side. Whether you require support covering a deposit for new equipment or paying your insurance premiums, our cash flow assistance for new trucking companies has got you covered.

Our fast and flexible program is designed to get you the money you need to cover all of your most vital business expenses, including:

  • Fuel
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Payroll
  • Equipment
  • Taxes

Our cash flow assistance process begins when you request a form on our website. When you fill out the required information, we’ll ask you how much money you need for your business and how long you need it. Then, you can expect approval and funding within hours.

If you’re interested in our trucking business cash flow assistance program, be sure to get in touch with your account executive today to see if you qualify for a cash flow advance. Certain restrictions may apply.

Types Of Cash Flow Assistance For Trucking Companies

At Apex, we strive to give you the flexible options you need to get your business on the up and up. That’s why we offer several types of cash flow assistance for trucking companies.

When you work with us, you can determine which one best fulfills your individual needs.


Factoring is a form of cash flow assistance that allows trucking companies to more easily manage their freight bills. With factoring services, you can experience immediate funds in your bank account and easy access to capital with no risk of debt accumulation.

Through our factoring services for trucking companies, we’ll buy your business’s freight invoices and pay you within minutes. Then, we’ll collect on your payments for the lifetime of the invoices. You can use this working capital to minimize debt while accelerating your cash flow.

Fuel Cards

We also make trucking expenses manageable through The Apex Fuel Card Program. This comprehensive TransConnect Services (TCS) fuel card provides companies with discounts on diesel fuel and fuel management tools to help them pinpoint the best fuel prices across the United States and Canada.

When you fill your tank at an in-network fuel station, you’ll get your diesel at a reduced price — plus, you can set spending controls, streamline your International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reporting, and track your fuel purchases in real time.

Get Paid Fast

CFA Benefits For Apex Clients

Apex CFA vs Alternative Lending Methods

Apex Cash Flow Assistance

  • Quick and easy application process (based on client relationship)
  • Approval and funding within hours
  • Flexible debit options adjusted to each client’s needs

Alternative Lending Methods

  • Long and demanding application process (based on detailed financial information and credit documents)
  • Approval and funding can take weeks or months
  • Strict and inflexible repayment

Apex Clients Use CFAs For:







The apex cash flow assistance program is one more benefit that helps trucking companies easily overcome financial burdens and grow. do you want fast and easy access to cash when you need it?

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