Cash Flow Assistance | Apex Cash Flow Solutions for Trucking Companies

Cash Flow Assistance

It’s our business to get Apex clients cash – FAST!

We factor freight bills, so it’s no surprise that our clients want cash fast. It’s our business. But did you know we can also provide additional capital to our clients?

The Apex Cash Flow Assistance (CFA) program is a better option than alternative lending methods, such as a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA). It’s our fast and flexible way to give qualified Apex clients cash when they need it.

CFA Benefits for Apex Clients

cash for truckers

Cash advance plans are tailored to fit business needs

small trucking company cash flow assistance

No hidden fees and easy to understand terms

Apex Cash Flow Assistance Program

You get same day cash in hand

Apex CFA vs Alternative Lending Methods

Apex Cash Flow Assistance

  • Quick and easy application process (based on client relationship)
  • Approval and funding within hours
  • Flexible debit options adjusted to each client’s needs

Alternative Lending Methods

  • Long and demanding application process (based on detailed financial information and credit documents)
  • Approval and funding can take weeks or months
  • Strict and inflexible repayment

Apex Clients use CFAs for:

Cash Flow Solution


Cash Flow Assistance Use


Apex CFAs Help Trucking Companies


Cash Flow for Semi Trucks and Equipment


Cash flow for fuel


Cash to pay taxes


The Apex Cash Flow Assistance Program is one more benefit that helps trucking companies easily overcome financial burdens and grow. Do you want fast and easy access to cash when you need it?