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Trucking News Update 1/2/18

by Hannah Marcom | January 2, 2018

Trucking News Update

Happy New Year everyone! We keep track of the latest trends and headlines in trucking news that could affect you. At the end of 2017,  heading into 2018, the news in trucking is about moving forward.

Heavy Duty Trucking’s Top Trends of 2017

It’s a time for reflection of the past year and making resolutions, or if you don’t like that kind of thing, goals and action items for 2018. To move forward, you should look at where you’ve been, right? Well, Heavy Duty Trucking did the work for us and ranked their top seven trucking trends of 2017. The ELD mandate took the number one spot to no one’s surprise. But the driver shortage, regulation relief, autonomous technology, changing logistics models, electric trucks, and trucking industry consolidation also made the list.

What do you think about their list? Does it match up with your top trucking trends for 2017? Will they remain hot topics well into 2018? Weigh in with your opinion by using one of our share buttons below.

More Truck Inspections, Less Violations

Overdrive’s annual CSA’s Data Trail update reports that in 2017, the U.S. Department of Transportation increased the number of safety inspections by four percent. Did you notice? Well, the good news is that even though the number of inspections increased, the total number of violations or citations issued decreased. Great job everyone!

40 states in the continental U.S. saw increases in clean inspections. The number of clean inspections has been steadily increasing since 2010. So, while more inspections might not seem like a good thing there is statistical proof that it’s improved safety on the roads and trucker safety scores. Overdrive has an enormous number of charts and graphs showing the most intense enforcement states, toughest on hours violations, moving violations and more so that you know which areas to focus on for your next inspection blitz.

Trucks Moving Forward in 2018

“Plan and keep looking forward, not much to see in the rearview mirror” is the advice from Bob Dieli, the economist from MacKay and Co. The same sentiment can be gleaned from many top transportation executives and experts. The strong demand for freight hauling and predictions of tighter capacity in 2018 will be good for trucking companies. Things like, tax reform and a pending infrastructure funding proposal means that trucking will experience an easier year in terms of regulations, say experts.

But, all this talk about a good economic market for truckers is followed by the increasing conversations about technology advancements. Transport Topics has the full story to help you plan for a prosperous 2018 and talks about how you might have to do some adapting to the changing trucking market too.




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