Trucking Industry News Update 8/7/17

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Attention Walmart Shippers!

New Walmart policy to take effect this month. Source:
New Walmart policy to take effect this month. Source:

Walmart has established new shipping and delivery policies that impact any carrier that hauls for them. The new policy, named “On-Time, In-Full”, will charge carriers who deliver late, early, or mispacked shipments. Walmart says they will phase in the changes over the course of this year, but the policy is starting this month. To get the full list of freight delivery time frames and the fees Walmart is charging go to Overdrive Magazine.

Spot Freight Market Set Record Highs in July

Last time we talked about spot freight rates, DAT’s Ken Harper projected that high freight volumes were starting to taper off, which is normal at the end of July. But that’s not what happened! Instead, there were record freight volumes for vans on all the Top 100 lanes last week. The increase in freight rates coincided with the highest crop yielding areas in Philadelphia, Seattle, and Buffalo N.Y. To get more detailed information about freight rates, volume, and capacity head on over to American Trucker, Overdrive Magazine, Heavy Duty Trucking, and DAT.

FMCSA’s Sleep Apnea Screening Rules Withdrawn

The FMCSA is formally withdrawing their rule that would regulate sleep apnea screening requirements for drivers based on certain criterion on August 7th. Currently, if a truck driver is required to have a sleep apnea test it’s at the discretion of medical examiners. The reason for the withdrawal is due to a lack of industry data. To see the FMCSA recommended apnea screen criteria list and more, look no further than CCJ, Trucker News, and Heavy Duty Trucking.

Pre-2000 Model Year Exemption for ELDs Explained

The newest buzz about ELD’s is that last week the FMCSA added pre-2000 engines to the exempt list. What this means is that if you have a 1996 truck with a 2004 engine, you will now be required to have an ELD come December. Todd Dills explains the FMCSA’s reasoning behind the changes and more at Overdrive Magazine.

CVSA’s Operation Safe Driver Week Date is Set for October

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) scheduled Operation Safe Driver Week for October 15- 21. During this week, there will be increased law enforcement personnel issuing warnings and citations for commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles driving unsafely. The purpose of this week is to promote and encourage safe driving to reduce accidents on the road through education and traffic enforcement strategies. To get more information about how to make sure you’re ready for Safe Driver Week go to Heavy Duty Trucking, and CVSA.


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