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Trucking Industry News Update 5/8/18

by Mario Tarradell | May 8, 2018

Trucking Industry

For-hire Trucking Industry Experiences an April Slump

The trucking industry can be topsy-turvy. You know, from the ups and downs of seasonal trucking demands to the changes in staffing at big and small trucking companies. So it’s no surprise that there was a national dip in April. The for-hire trucking industry dropped 5,500 jobs in April, according to an article in the CCJ Daily Report. But, there’s always a silver lining in trucking, that’s the industry’s first month-to-month slip since last August. That’s nearly a year ago. Trucking falls under the transportation and warehousing sector, and that division added just 400 jobs in April. In trucking, you take the bad with the good. Check out another report on this trucking slump in Truckers News.

Trucker Gets Stuck in Snowy Oregon Before Walking to Survive

And now a story of resilience and survival. A trucker, 22-year-old Jacob Cartwright, mistakenly plugged in the wrong address into his GPS and ended up 100 miles out of his way. He got stuck in the middle of snowy Oregon mountain wilderness and could no longer safely maneuver his tractor trailer out of the area. So, he ended up walking 36 miles without much food or water and with a dead cell phone until he finally found help. Cartwright, who made sure not to raid his edible cargo, endured dehydration and exposure, but he will make a full recovery. Overdrive Magazine has the story, as well as a video report from The Today Show.

Truckers Can Be Good Luck Charms on the Highway

Truckers can be good luck charms for fellow drivers on the highway. They are primed to keep highways safe for other motorists. Think about their positions – perched high above normal traffic, able to see with better clarity than most other drivers – and realize that they can assist law enforcement officials by anonymously reporting reckless driving (speeding, tailgating, weaving). Plus, good truckers are super safe and obedient. It is to their benefit to drive safely and carefully. They are also Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) volunteers who can help save lives. American Trucker has this thoughtful story about how truckers are highway angels.




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