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We’re Golden Again with Another Workplace Health Recognition from the American Heart Association

by Mario Tarradell | October 30, 2019

American Heart Association

We’re Golden Again with Another Workplace Health Recognition from the American Heart Association

Everybody wants to be golden. It’s even better when you’re golden not once, but twice.

All of us at Apex are super excited to announce that we are golden – again! For the second consecutive year we received a Gold Level Workplace Health Achievement Index Recognition from the American Heart Association (AHA). That means we are still quite healthy. In fact, we had 92% participation in our most recent health screenings, and we always encourage employees to include their spouses in the health screenings.

Let’s Explain the Gold and Life’s Simple 7

That certainly helped us earn the gold level recognition. Here’s a little bit about the award itself:
The American Heart Association’s Workplace Health Achievement Index is a checklist of sorts that helps companies measure the effectiveness of their office health programs, which in turn tells them the overall heart health of their employees.

The index scores companies on the heart health of their employees based on Life’s Simple 7®. Life’s Simple 7®, the AHA’s scientifically approved definition of heart health, measures heart health in relation to: managing blood pressure, controlling cholesterol, reducing blood sugar, getting active, eating better, losing weight, and stopping smoking.

Our Awesome Health Achievement Index Score

To get that gold level recognition, companies need to reach an index score somewhere between 175 and 217, with 217 being the maximum amount of points. We scored an awesome 200 points! We send the AHA aggregated data from our annual health screenings, which take place in September. That data shows our improvement from year to year, according to Sarah King, Apex Health and Wellbeing Manager, and it also matches up with the Life’s Simple 7 checklist.

At Apex, we are more than happy to participate in the American Heart Association’s Workplace Health Achievement Index. But mostly we care about making sure our employees are healthy. We also look forward to the benchmarking reports that companies can use to pinpoint potential areas of improvement. Improving any weak spots not only strengthens the chances of moving up the Achievement Index rank, it naturally puts workplaces closer to ideal heart health.

At Apex, it’s always about the people. We care about our employee’s health and wellbeing because we believe that living a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle results in dedicated employees. Our pride in the Gold Level Workplace Health Achievement Index Recognition is all about our employees working to get there. Everybody gets healthy, which is always golden.

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