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Apex Named Gold Level Healthy Workplace by the American Heart Association

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Gold is top of the line – shiny, popular, and always sought after. Everybody wants to be golden. When you’re golden, you reached the pinnacle, or as we like to call it the Apex. You are in the winners’ circle.

You can imagine how excited we are here at Apex because we received a Gold Level Workplace Health Achievement Index Recognition from the American Heart Association (AHA). That’s a mouthful, isn’t it? But basically, it means we are healthy. We got the announcement last week, and we must admit that it’s a nice bookend to our “Healthiest Companies in America” honor from back in March.

How did we go gold with the AHA? Well, first let’s explain the award itself. The American Heart Association’s Workplace Health Achievement Index is a checklist of sorts that helps companies measure the effectiveness of their office health programs, which in turn tells them the overall heart health of their employees. Then, the index scores companies on the heart health of their employees based on Life’s Simple 7®. That’s the AHA’s scientifically approved definition of heart health.

Life’s Simple 7® keeps tabs on heart health in relation to these steps:

• Manage Blood Pressure
• Control Cholesterol
• Reduce Blood Sugar
• Get Active
• Eat Better
• Lose Weight
• Stop Smoking

So, we sent the AHA aggregated data from our annual health screenings, which occur in September. That data shows our improvement from year to year, according to Sarah King, Apex Health and Wellbeing Manager. The data matches up with the Life’s Simple 7 checklist.

More than 1,000 companies completed the 2018 Workplace Health Achievement Index assessment this year. Of those companies, 75% ranked either Gold, Silver, or Bronze. Participating in this workplace health program also generates benchmarking reports so companies can pinpoint potential areas of improvement. Improving strengthens their chances of moving up the Achievement Index rank, and most importantly puts their workplace closer to ideal heart health.

At Apex, it’s about the people. We care about our employee’s health and wellbeing because we believe that living a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle results in dedicated employees. Our employees are what make Apex and our excellent customer service golden – literally the Apex of freight factoring!

We’re proud to have the Gold Level Workplace Health Achievement Index Recognition because our employees put in the work to get there. That means everybody gets healthy, and that’s always golden.

Ready for healthy, top-notch customer service from your freight factoring company? Apex is ready for you. Become an Apex client today. Visit our website or give us a call at 855-369-2739