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How to Scam-Proof Your Trucking Company

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How to Protect Your Trucking Company from Scammers

If you think about October, what are things you think about? Probably cooler weather, pumpkin patches, tailgating, Halloween parties, and gooey candy. Did you know that October is also National Cybersecurity Awareness Month? We know you’re busy thinking about the ways to protect yourself against cold weather, football losses, or Halloween costume malfunctions in October. But let us tell you how to protect your trucking company all year around.

We are truly in the digital age, we’ve invited smart devices into our homes giving them permission to control our lights, door locks, and thermometers. Our smartphones give us access to anything our minds can think of and we can pay for it by electronically sending money to anyone all over the world. But this new level of quick convenience comes with a price because we’re also putting ourselves at risk for getting scammed, phished, and hacked.

We’ve got a list of tips to help you scam proof yourself with a little help from our friends at the Better Business Bureau (BBB):

  • Be wary of clicking on ads that come up on your social media feed. If you aren’t sure about a business’s legitimacy, let the BBB help you verify them.
  • Secure your smart devices and check the settings on your apps to make sure your security is protected. Keep your software up to date, encrypt your WiFi, and name your router.
  • Be aware of the various Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams out there and carefully read and respond to emails.
  • Use multifactor authentication to secure your logins and never download or install files from unverified sources.
  • Change your passwords often and keep them long. Pass phrases are a more secure way to set up passwords.

If you want even more ways to protect your trucking company from malicious cybersecurity threats, then download the BBB’s 5-Step Approach to Better Business Cybersecurity guide.

Keeping your trucking company secure is just as important as keeping your trucking company’s cash flow strong. Apex has nearly 25 years of experience helping thousands of trucking companies find financial stability and successfully grow their trucking company with freight factoring. If you want that too, then give us a call at 855-369-2739 or get started here.