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Benefits & Wellness

Be Well – The Apex Way

Healthy people are not only happier, but they tend to have higher job satisfaction and be more productive in the work they do. Joining our wellness program is one way to be happier and healthier and truly excel at what you do. Our mission is to make being healthy the easiest choice at Apex. We take a holistic approach that promotes fun, fosters growth, and encourages adopting positive behaviors which lead to feeling your best.

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What Our Employees Love About our Benefits and Wellness Offerings

The health plans are affordable, and the out-of-pocket costs are manageable. As a single mother, having access to Teladoc and Dispatch Health has been a life saver. I can get quick and easy medical care for my daughter without having to leave the comfort of my home. My Health Advocate has been a life saver in finding the right services and resolving any billing issues that have arisen.

The Wellness program is amazing. Having free access to mental, physical, and emotional health programs has been vital in helping me to maintain my family’s overall health. Working for a company that rewards healthy choices is amazing, and being able to earn Wellness points for additional time off with my daughter is truly a blessing.

Chrisi Novian

Client Accounting Department

The short-term disability is a life saver, along with paid FMLA – I have not worked anywhere else that offers these types of benefits. With the wellness program, not only can we earn extra PTO or awesome swag, but it’s so encouraging and rewarding. I have always wanted to live a healthy lifestyle, but it is incorporated into my work now, which is a huge blessing.

Charena Villareal

Account Services Department

Throughout my tenure here, our insurance program has repeatedly been beneficial when surgeries or other major medical expenses would have otherwise been financially crippling. I have even had doctors, dentists, nurses, and other medical staff marvel after running my insurance and telling me how great it is. Additionally, the fact that Apex subsidizes such a generous portion of our insurance payments is so helpful. It is a phenomenal benefit that truly helps with income. Typical insurance deductions with most employers really cut into the base salary at staggering levels. The Blue Points program is also amazing! Just by living a healthy lifestyle I have cashed in my Blue Points for tents, air compressors, DeWalt tools, a vehicle vacuum, and more. Hard to beat free quality products just for being healthy!

Jeremy Martin

Client Development Department
A career at Apex Capital includes a Wellness Program for employees

Whole Wellness

Apex’s Wellness Program makes it easier to choose a healthy lifestyle. Participation is voluntary and Apexers are encouraged to take part in the available features that benefit their personal health and wellness, including:

  • Challenges
  • Wellness points for completing healthy lifestyle activities
  • Lunch & Learns
  • Cooking Shows
  • Free meditation app
  • Free on-demand workouts
  • Health screenings
  • Gym reimbursement
  • B12 shots


We’ve got you covered with health, dental, vision, life, and a slew of other insurance packages. Our benefits program is designed to give employees the coverage they need for what life may bring. Comprehensive one-on-one and group meetings about insurance benefits help you make sound decisions about your coverage.

To take a peek at Apex offerings, check out our Benefits App.

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Apex Capital is a family friendly company to families of all shapes and sizes.

Family Friendly

Families come in many shapes and sizes. Apex is BIG on family. We offer paid maternity, family and leave benefits giving the time and flexibility needed to care for yourself and/or family. We value community and strive to create a genuine atmosphere in the office. That same sense of family extends outside of our workplace. We have yearly activities aimed at including everyone.

We host an annual picnic, bring Santa in for pictures, treat everyone to a night out at the rodeo, and provide opportunities for community outreach for all. Each summer we open our doors for a Bring Your Kid to Work Day and a Bring Your Teen to Work Day where family members get to experience the adventures of running a business. Oh! By the way, we throw a FANTASTIC holiday party… it’s kinda’ legendary.

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