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What Gift Should You Get For a Trucker?

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A Gift Giving Guide for Truckers

It happens every year. You blink and all of a sudden, the holiday season is upon us. Next thing you know, you’re scrambling to find gifts for the ones you love. Not just any gift, a gift that accurately depicts your gratitude and affection. It’s a tall order, especially if you need great gifts for truckers. They almost always have everything they need in their truck. Because that’s where they spend most of their time. We’re giving you a guide to help you find the best gift for the trucker in your life.

Tech-Loving Trucker Gifts

Technology is a trucker’s best friend. Don’t believe us? Think about it, truck drivers need to stay in constant communication with their dispatcher, home office, and other truckers on the road. How do they do that? With technology – specifically smartphones and CB radios. A good headset is a trucker must-have because it keeps their hands on the wheel and cancels out truck noise so that both the caller and receiver can hear each other clearly.

Trucker Headset

Finding the best headset within your price range shouldn’t be difficult. Check the reviews before you purchase one to see if it’s easy to use and get an idea about what features it has or doesn’t have. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Easily sets up and pairs with their phone if using a wireless headset
  • Good battery life – a 30-hour battery life could last them 3 days on the road
  • Good quality audio clarity

iTunes or Google Play Gift Card

Getting practical gifts for a truckers can be difficult because we don’t always know what they have in their truck, the best brands, or if they will even use it. A great gift idea for a tech-loving trucker is an iTunes or Google Play gift card.

They can be used for more than just songs. They can be loaded onto smartphones and used to purchase apps. If they need a new GPS with trucker-safe navigation there’s an app for that. If they want more accurate weather updates in their area or along a route there’s an app for that, too.

Elements from Home

A good gift for the type of trucker who already has it, saw it, and got the t-shirt to prove it is to get them something that reminds them of home. A handmade item from a loved one is a perfect way to give someone a piece of home while they’re out on the road.

  • Quilts or blankets
  • Knitted scarf or cap
  • Framed hand-drawn pictures or painting from their kids
  • Cook them their favorite meal to take with them on the road

Off-Duty Gifts

Some of the best gifts are the ones that give someone a memory that will last them a lifetime. It’s the joy of getting to experience something with their friends and family when they’re home.

  • Tickets to a sporting event, music concert, or special event in your local area
  • Plan a road trip or vacation
  • iPad or tablet could be used to FaceTime or Skype with friends and family when they are off-duty

Gifts that Keep Giving

Everyone loves a gift that keeps on giving. What’s a better gift for a truck driver than a gift that lasts all year long?

Subscription Boxes

There are tons of subscription boxes out there for men, women, pets, foodies, fishermen, and fashion lovers. It’s a box of goodies that will be delivered straight to their door. If your semi-truck driver has a certain hobby or interest you should be able to find a subscription box for them.

Amazon Prime Gift Membership

Truckers are constantly on the go, which can make shopping hard. An Amazon Prime gift membership is a unique gift for truckers that allows them to shop when they’re on the road and get fast and free shipping for an entire year. If they’re worried about leaving packages unattended they can choose to ship their items to Amazon lockers located nationwide.

There are other benefits to gifting an Amazon Prime membership, like free e-books and audiobooks, video streaming, and more that could be useful for off-duty time in the truck.

Hopefully now you have plenty of fun and budget-friendly gift ideas for truckers, not just for the upcoming holiday season but for anytime of the year.

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