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Skyline Flagship LLC Wins the 2024 Apex Capital Client Calendar Contest

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The Magic of a Dusky Sky: Skyline Flagship LLC Wins the 2024 Apex Capital Client Calendar Contest

That dusky sky with its swirl of dark blue and white clouds laced with the amber of a fading sun. It’s a hypnotic view. Apex client Jimmy Cole, co-owner, manager, and driver of Oklahoma-based Skyline Flagship LLC immediately knew that sky would be the perfect frame for his 2017 blue Western Star truck, model 5700XE. The chestnut brown dirt beneath the tires provides an earthy contrast. He thought this was the photo to submit for the 2024 Apex Capital Client Calendar Contest.
He was right. Skyline Flagship LLC won the coveted cover spot of the 2024 Apex Capital Client Calendar. Jimmy also gets to choose which month he wants his rig to represent. Jimmy’s photo is one of those stars-aligned shots that come seemingly out of nowhere. Jimmy was in Vernal, Utah at a truck stop with a surprisingly empty truck parking lot. There was a storm brewing that he managed to circumvent but that you could clearly see in the sky. He wasted no time.

“It was about 5 pm and starting to get dark,” Jimmy says. “There was a storm coming but it went around me. I knew I needed to catch that moment. I also use that picture on my business card.It’s kind of subliminal because the name of my company is Skyline Flagship, and you have this awesome skyline above it. Then you have another truck that I’m hauling, and you can see what it is that I haul. It’s also appealing to the eye, even the dirt works well with the color of my truck.”

And the Rest of the Winners Are…

To fill up the remaining spots on the 13-month 2024 calendar, we will be randomly featuring the rest of the winning companies and trucks in this year’s contest:

  • CBI Logistics LLC
  • Colorado Xpress LLC
  • D & C Transportation
  • De La Cruz Hotshot Service
  • Guzman Truck Lines LLC
  • HVMC Transportation LLC
  • Jerry Keel Trucking
  • McDannell Trucking
  • Platinum Trucking LLC
  • Summit Pacific Logistics LLC
  • Tempo Transport Inc
  • WMS Trucking LLC

We also have two honorable mentions – Flat Out Services LLC and Sopris Express Inc. The calendar also features the images of every truck picture submitted. All our Apex clients will receive a copy of the 2024 calendar in December along with their holiday gift.

Apex Shows Appreciation for Our Clients

Our annual Apex Client Calendar is one of the many ways we show our appreciation for our clients. We feature 13 chrome and steel beauties and showcase them as shining examples of pride and joy. This year’s contest to select the baker’s dozen trucks and pick a cover winner began May 4 with photo submissions through June 2. From June 5-9, our fellow Apexers voted to select the Top 13, and from June 15-26 public votes determined the cover-winning truck.
Jimmy has been an Apex factoring client since late 2022 and the benefit for him is all about the business partnership. “I like to think of Apex Capital as the finance, accounting, and billing departments for my company,” he says. “They handle a lot of the work that I’m unable to cover myself and that allows me to dedicate more time to running my truck.”

Are you ready for picture-perfect trucking company success? Apex factoring can help you get there. We offer our clients free credit checks, 24/7 Factoring options, our blynk™ digital payment platform, fuel card savings, a mobile app, and so much more. Visit our website or give us a call at 855-369-2739.