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Three Tips to Keep Your Best Truck Drivers

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Three Tips to Keep Your Best Truck Drivers

Finding and retaining the best truck drivers has always been important, but as driver turnover steadily increases, it’s become essential to maintain driver satisfaction. It’s hard to always provide a pleasant experience for truck drivers because of the uncertain variables on the road. Road conditions, traffic, and infrastructure are issues that are out of anyone’s control. But Apex Capital has some ways to help support your drivers while they’re on the road.

1. Communicate with your Drivers

We all know that respect and communication are key to creating a productive and healthy work environment. Truck drivers can miss out on a lot while on the road, like industry news updates, company changes, and more importantly information on the load that they’re hauling. Keeping open lines of communication and treating truck drivers respectfully will go a long way in making that driver feel appreciated for all their hard work getting loads delivered fast and safely to their destinations.

2. Create a Healthy Culture Drivers Love

Providing drivers with a sense of being a part of a family is important for retention purposes. That means caring about their health and happiness, like you would family. Providing easy access to good health care is vital in an industry where being unhealthy is common. The healthier the driver, the less risk of them having to take time off of work due to health conditions.

Sharing our free RxCut Prescriptions Savings Card with your drivers is a great way to make getting prescriptions at over 63,000 participating pharmacies nationwide easy and cheap. With up to 87% savings on generic medications, it’s easy to see how extra money in your driver’s pocket can be the easiest retention tool of all.

3. Give Them a Comfortable Break

One of the biggest problems that truck drivers face while on the road is finding a place to sleep. With many states shutting down designated truck rest stops to cut costs, finding a safe place to park is more challenging than ever. There are hotel chains that not only allow guests to park their trucks, but advertise it. Another advantage Apex offers is access to discounts on thousands of hotels nationwide, (including all of the well-known right off the highway hotels), when booked through CLC Lodging. The discounts, which can be up to 40%, can be passed on to drivers whether they are on the road or traveling. Having a place to sleep other than the back of the truck, even for just one night, can help with neck and back pain and getting a good night’s sleep in a different environment can also create a positive attitude change in a truck driver’s stressful daily routine.

These easy tips can help you retain your best truck drivers and keep them happy, healthy, and safe. Check out our blog for even more tips you can use to help you take care of your trucking business.

Factoring your freight bills will get you paid faster so you can keep your trucks on the road. Our free load board, fuel discounts, and roadside assistance programs help you keep your money in your trucking company where it belongs. Call us today at 855-369-2739 or get started here.