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How Truck Drivers can Prevent Neck and Back Pain

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Driving a truck for hours on end can be a pain in the neck, literally!

Truck drivers spend long hours in the same position with lots of road vibration, which can lead to stress or pain on the neck and back. But with these tips, you can reduce pain and stay injury-free.

Got pain?

The most common pains come from strains in your shoulders, lower back, head, neck, hands, and eyes due to awkward postures, excessive force, repetitive motion, or contact stress. But changing the way you lift and move your body can reduce these strains and prevent injury.

Check Your Cab

First, start by checking your driver’s seat. If your seat is not lined up correctly, it can cause strain on your neck and back and increase your risk of developing an injury. If you’re in an uncomfortable position when driving or have to awkwardly reach for things inside your cab, you’re probably straining your neck and back. By properly adjusting your seat and steering wheel, you can reduce this strain. Read your truck’s instruction manual, so you know what ergonomic features there are in your seat and cab. Then adjust your seat to your comfort level and you should start to feel some relief.

Stretch It Out

Try doing some basic stretching exercises before, after, and during each trip. Stretching prepares your body for work by warming up your muscles. Start stretching out your hands and wrists, then stretch your neck gently from side to side and from front to back. Finally, stay seated and stretch your back by bending your chin to your chest.

Take Breaks

By spending just a few minutes stretching and resting your body, you’ll be able to work with little to no pain or discomfort. Moving around and taking breaks stimulates blood flow, so you get good circulation to your muscles and reduce your risk of injury. Be sure to pull over and take regular breaks to stretch and rest your muscles. Try walking around and stretching your arms, legs, shoulders, neck and hands on a regular basis. These easy movements can go a long way in reducing pain and preventing injury.

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