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How to Manage a Trucking Company: 10 Tips That Lead to Trucking Success

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How to Manage a Trucking Company: 10 Tips That Lead to Trucking Success

Being your own boss is great. Any seasoned trucking business owner will tell you, owning a trucking company and managing a trucking company are two different things. Successful trucking business management includes back-office operations, financial growth, financial protection, growing business credit, hiring good people, marketing your brand, and offering excellent customer service. More business best practices include fuel card optimization for diesel discounts, keeping up with the latest technology in trucking, following data security recommendations, and even finding a work-life balance.

That’s a lot to consider, right? But don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through all the facets of building a successful trucking company. Check out tips from our Apex Experts:

How do you make your trucking business successful?
  • Apex Capital’s President Chris Bozek has advice for small to medium-sized, independent trucking companies and startups. See how to embrace technology, stay happy and healthy, and keep your eye on profits and growth.
Trucking Success


How do you turn one-time customers into repeat business?
  • Strong customer service is a trucking company’s business card. It’s why Chief Client Development Office of Apex Capital, Javier Andrade, speaks to trucking company owners and owner-operators about exactly why it’s so important to go above and beyond when hauling loads for your customers.
Repeat Customer


How crucial is getting steady cash flow for your trucking business?
  • Independent trucking companies need continuous revenue to keep hauling and growing successfully. Joseph James, Apex Capital’s Chief Financial Officer, understands how small to medium-sized, independent trucking companies can balance cash with risks and rewards.
Trucking Cash


How do you get customers for your trucking company?
  • Building your trucking company brand is crucial for long-term success. The best part is you don’t need a whole lot of marketing dollars to do it. Sherry Leigh, Apex Capital’s Chief Product and Marketing Officer, has tips on the power of positioning, branding, and marketing for a trucking company’s success and longevity.
Trucking Customer

How can you optimize fuel cards for your trucking business?
  • The TCS Fuel Card offers clients – from large fleets to independent owner-operators – a complete fuel management system. Chris Courts, President and Managing Director for TCS Fuel, a wholly owned subsidiary of Apex Capital, knows all you need to know about fees, fraud, and discounts at the pump.
Diesel Fuel


How important is having a good team of people working toward success?
  • Sharing a unified vision and working toward common goals are keys to trucking company success. Patty Fritz, Chief People Officer for Apex Capital, knows the difference between a boss and a leader, recruiting versus hiring, benefits that keep team members happy, and enhancing your company culture.
Trucking Company Team

How do trust and cash flow promote successful trucking company growth?
  • Cash flow can make or break a trucking company. So, doing business with factors, quick-pays, and even banks requires real-world, fine-print knowledge. Mike Thrasher, Chief Sales Officer for Apex Capital, knows the funding issues startups and small-to-medium-size trucking companies face. Discover the benefits of using a factoring company as a trusted partner.


How can your company thrive with strong back-office operations?
  • Hauling loads is super important, but there is more to success. The strength of your back-office operations makes the difference between surviving and thriving. Jennifer Lance, Chief Operations Officer for Apex Capital, shares advice on keeping the internal machine cranking – making sure employees are happy, files are organized, processes are managed, and technology is current.
back office support

How crucial is building business credit in trucking?
  • Along with researching potential customers, building better business credit and ensuring company financial protection are key ingredients to trucking. Wes Read, Chief Credit Officer for Apex Capital, talks about tools and research to boost your business, cash flow, cash reserves, and credit reporting.


How can trucking companies stay competitive with today’s technology?
  • The trucking industry has fully embraced today’s technology to stay competitive and successful. Truckers, like everybody else, are vulnerable to cybercriminals. Daniel Henderson, Chief Information Officer for Apex Capital, has advice on taking advantage of instant factoring payments and paperless invoicing, and protecting your company’s data security from internet thieves.
trucking company technology

Apex can help you grow your trucking company with expertise, tools, services, excellent customer care, and plenty of cash flow management. Let us be your factoring partner, back-office support, fuel card provider, and more. Visit our website or give us a call at 855-369-2739.