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American Heart Association
All of us at Apex are super excited to announce that we are golden – again! For the second consecutive year we received a Gold Level Workplace Health Achievement Index Recognition from the American Heart Association (AHA). That means we are still quite healthy. In fact, we had 92% participation in our most recent health screenings, and we always encourage employees to include their spouses in the health screenings.
October 30, 2019
Healthiest Companies in America
Two and 12 – those numbers have a nice ring to them. We are so proud of two and 12. This is the second year Apex Capital is named one of the Healthiest Companies in America by Interactive Health. That means we take the health and wellness of our employees very seriously. What about the 12? Well, this is the 12th year that Apex is named one of the Best Companies to Work for in Texas. We call it our lucky dozen. That honor is quite special because it’s all about our employees. Sarah King, Apex’s Health and Wellbeing Manager, offered some thoughts about the Healthiest Companies in America award. Apex was one of only 151 companies in the United States to earn this award in 2018. That number went down from 184 companies in 2017, when Apex first won. And Shelley Goodrum, Apex’s Chief Human Resources Officer, has watched Apex grow through the years and she’s pleased to know that the Best Companies to Work for in Texas honor reflects keeping all employees happy during that growth.
June 24, 2019
AHA Award Apex
Gold is top of the line – shiny, popular, and always sought after. Everybody wants to be golden. When you’re golden, you reached the pinnacle, or as we like to call it the Apex. You are in the winners’ circle….
August 15, 2018
Apex Named one of the Healthiest Companies in America
Hey truckers, we all want you to stay healthy and happy. But we know that eating right, exercising, and getting a good night’s sleep while on the road can be a challenge. So, there’s help everywhere at your fingertips. You…
March 29, 2018
Eating Healthy at Apex Capital
Halloween can be spooky fun, but chocolaty and sugary sweet treats around every corner can be a trick and lead to a scary number on the scale! To help our employees maintain their health and wellness goals, while still enjoying…
October 24, 2016
stay healthy on the road
How to be a Healthy Truck Driver Adopting healthy habits can be a challenge in itself. Being on the road to make a living can make things even trickier. While staying healthy can be a challenge, there are things that you…
May 26, 2015
Blue Zones
Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price is prioritizing health and wellness throughout the city of Fort Worth, Texas with the kickoff of its Blue Zones Project. The project is a community-wide well-being improvement initiative to help make healthy choices easier for…
March 9, 2015
4 Tips for Truckers to Stay Committed to their Health and Wellness Goals The trucking lifestyle can make it difficult for drivers to stay committed to their health and wellness goals. Because a trucker’s job comes with a different set…
August 19, 2014
Food Storage for truckers on the road
How Truckers can Eat Healthy on the Road If you are a trucker getting ready to hit the road, it can be a challenge choosing food to pack that is healthy. Apex Capital has put together a list of healthy…
May 7, 2014
It’s never too late for truck drivers to develop healthy habits on the road. According to a study by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), almost 70% of long-haul truck drivers are obese and more than half…
January 16, 2014