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Social Media Marketing Basics for Your Trucking Company

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Social media can be so many things. Social media is where you can be entertained with funny memes or cat videos, how you stay connected to family and friends, or where you get your news. You can love or hate social media, but it’s not going away. In fact, social media and its users just keeps growing.

According to Hootsuite, 42% of the total population is active on social media and every second 11 new people start using social media. It’s where people are and that’s why social media is where your trucking company should be, too. It can seem intimidating at first, but we’re going to give you some easy social media tips so can you get started.

How to Market Your Trucking Company on Social Media

Marketing your trucking company is important. It’s how you get your name out there, build your brand, and grow your business. But how do you market your trucking company? Creating a social media business page for your trucking company is a great place to start. The biggest benefit of creating a social networking business page is that it’s free!

The second benefit to creating a business page on social media is that you can instantly start making connections with others in the trucking industry. You can connect with your customers and forge new relationships that can help your business grow.

Pick a Platform

Deciding where to start with social media can be challenging because there are many social media platforms and they’re all different. The four major social media networks are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. So, on which one should you create a business page?

We suggest that you pick one, preferably a platform that you’re familiar with. Once you’ve created a page for your trucking company you should be active on it. Posting regularly on your page allows people to become familiar with your trucking company and puts you at the top of their mind. If people comment on your posts make sure you respond and get a conversation going, you never know who might join in! You should also engage with other pages regularly. That’s how you can make new connections and meet like-minded people. You can even use social media to recruit truck drivers and other employees for your trucking company.

Stay Connected by Joining a Community

Speaking of making connections, there a lot of great trucking groups and communities you can find on social media. Facebook groups are especially popular in trucking and they’re a great way to make connections and learn. Trucking Facebook groups are full of people asking questions, giving advice, discovering business contacts, and finding out about different resources. It truly is an online community of people helping each other.

Experimentation is Key

Social media is tricky, your newsfeed doesn’t show you everything from every person you follow. What shows up on a newsfeed is determined by an algorithm based on interests and actions within the platform. That means you should experiment with your social pages. Try posting a different variety of ways on your pages, including videos and images. Share interesting articles and posts from other pages and pay attention to what gets a lot of interaction and engagement on your page. Don’t be afraid to try new things, you’ll learn what works best for your page and your audience through trial-and-error.

Social media can help grow your trucking business, but so can steady and reliable cash flow. We can help you get paid the same or next day you deliver a load with top-notch freight factoring. Call us at 844-827-4524 or get started here.