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Money-Saving Tips for Truckers

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With the cost of fuel, food, and maintenance, trucking is an expensive business. To help curb these costs, Apex shares a few money saving tips that can really make a difference.

Bring your own meals – This is the simplest way to save money, yet so few people do it. However, consider this, you could buy all your food for the week at Wal-Mart for about $100. That’s $4.76 a meal. On average you’ll spend up to $15 a meal if you dine out. Over a year, the difference between the trucker who eats from the grocery store and the trucker who eats out is more than $11,000.

Use coupons and discounts – Even small discounts add up. Use apps like RetailMeNot or weekly store ads to find coupons and ongoing deals. Then use them! Loyalty programs and other offers can help you pinch pennies, too. Apex has a great fuel discount program which gives clients huge savings nationwide.

Call family and friends for free – Phone bills can add up quickly, especially when you have overages. Use an app like Skype to video chat for free with the ones you love the most.

Check for free WiFi – Too much Internet usage can also quickly add on to your phone bill. There are apps, such Free Zone, which can show you where there is free WiFi access nearby. Sign on as soon as you find it and avoid those extra costs.

Save your receipts for tax write-offs – It’s amazing what you can write off of your taxes if you itemize your deductions. Make sure that you save all your receipts, so when it comes time to pay Uncle Sam, you’re paying no more than what is legally required. Check out the IRS website for more information.

Where to shop – Choose Wal-Mart instead of the truck stop convenience store – It’s the little things we always forget – toothpaste, deodorant, and painkillers  –  that are more expensive. Do your best to stock up on these ahead of time at the most inexpensive place possible. It’ll save you lots of money by not having to shell out top dollar.

Get a prescription discount card – The cost of medications can add up quickly. Prescription discount cards can help you save money. It’s not an insurance program, but most pharmacies accept one or more. Apex offers a prescription discount card.