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Introducing the Apex Capital Mobile App

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Truckers are always on the go. But their desktop computer and many of their important business documents don’t often travel with them. We at Apex understand that and are always looking for ways to make life a little easier for our trucking clients on the road.

What better way to make life easier than a new Apex mobile app? Instead of waiting to use a computer to access their account, factoring clients can access many of the great features Apex offers from their smart phone.

Need to run a credit check on a potential business partner? It’s as easy as pushing a button. Looking for the best fuel discounts nearby? Our app recognizes where you are and tells you the prices of all the nearby truck stops (and what discount you’ll get as an Apex client). Need to talk to your account executive? That’s easy with the app, too.

Apex is constantly looking for ways to streamline the way you run your trucking company, because your growth and success is tied to our success too. This high-tech but easy-to-use tool is the latest way we are ensuring Apex stays America’s Favorite Factor.