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A Must-try Food Tour of America’s Truck Stops

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Truck stops, diners, and drive-ins can have the best food. Make sure you add these to your must-visit list while on the road.

Blueberry pie

Dysart’s Truck Stop and Restaurant

It’s hard not to love a big slice of homemade blueberry pie and cold vanilla ice cream. No one in the truck stop world does that better than Dysart’s. Enjoy your American treat on Cold Brook Road in Bangor, Maine.

Photo: Dysart’s website

But-gusting burgers

R Place Restaurant

Giant burgers, baked goods and delicious eats galore — that’s what makes R Place famous in the world of truck stops, in addition to its interesting marionette-themed décor. Get your fill at this 24-hour-a-day restaurant located at 21 Romines Drive in Morris, Illinois.

Photo: R-Place Family Eatery website

Cinnamon rolls

Johnson’s Corner

Attention all sweet tooths: Head over to Johnson’s Corner to get your fix. The stop has a world famous cinnamon roll that’s as big as your plate. The restaurant is located just south of Loveland, Colorado off I-25, Exit 254. If you can’t get there, they ship too! (We’re about to place our order)

Photo: Johnson’s Corner Website


Iowa 80

What else would you expect from the biggest truck stop in the world other than the biggest salad bar in the world? Veggie lovers can dig into this 50-foot salad bar. Meanwhile, those looking for a saltier or sweeter alternative can visit one of Iowa 80’s many other food options. The stop is located off Exit 284 on I-80 in Walcott, Iowa.

Photo: Iowa 80 website


Billy Bob’s Texas Truck Stop

If you’re looking for classic Texas fare, you’re in the right place at Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth. Its Texas Café serves real Texas smoked barbeque beef brisket, ribs, ham, chicken, turkey, sausage and more. Even better, there are free line dancing lessons at 7 pm every Thursday night.

Photo: Billy Bob’s Texas website

Deep dish apple pie

Omar’s Hi-Way Chef

This Tucson, Arizona truck stop started as a small pull-over for drivers in 1954. However, after moving to its new location off Exit 268 on Interstate 10 and hiring chef Omar Ramirez, it became a foodie destination. Mostly American, with a Mexican and Italian twist, the food is all delicious. Just save room for dessert: the world-famous deep dish apple pie will leave you happy and full for miles.

Photo: Omar’s Hi-Way Chef website

Breaded pork tenderloin

Gramma’s Kitchen

Gourmet from the center of the Heartland. Located just off I-80 in Walcott, Iowa, this homey truck stop features all sorts of classic American fare. However, the pork is the star of the show. Gramma’s breaded tenderloin was voted the best in Iowa by the Iowa Pork Producers.

Photo: Google Maps