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Trucking Goes High-Tech: Tools for the Busy Freight Hauler

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UPDATE: To view a more recent list of apps for truckers, check out our blog post, There’s an App for That: The Trucker Edition.

Trucking goes high-tech: Tools for the busy freight hauler

The trucking industry has never been short of technology. The act of simply transporting huge amounts of freight from point A to point B using a massive, 18-wheeled machine is evidence of that.

Today, things have only gotten better. Mobile communications have enabled truckers to keep better track of their loads and lower their costs.

Here are some great tools that could help you get more out of the time and money you spend as a trucker.

Portable document scanner – These little gadgets can easily turn all of your paper documents, such as receipts or bills of lading, into digital copies you can access on your phone or computer.

Portable printer – No matter how high-tech our world gets, lots of people still prefer paper copies. Make sure you can turn digital documents into physical documents with one of these.

Laptop AirCards – WiFi is great, but it’s still not everywhere. AirCards use high speed wireless broadband networks to connect your laptop or another portable device to the Internet.

Hands-free headsets – Truck drivers are busy people. Though they cannot use the phone while driving, you may still want your hands free while making calls. Hands-free headsets can easily give you freedom of movement.

Mobile apps – It’s amazing how useful a little smartphone can be, especially for someone who has to do lots of work on the road. Some of the best apps for truckers:

  • Skype – Stay connected with your friends, family and important business contacts with this free video chat service.
  • Dragon Diction – This app recognizes your voice and converts your speech into text.
  • Co-Pilot Live Truck – A GPS app, offering spoken, turn-by-turn directions, specifically designed for truck drivers.
  • Audiobooks from Audible – Access to great books without having to pull over.
  • – Personal finance app that automatically tracks your spending and helps you maintain a budget.


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  • Trucker’s Helper – Online software designed to help truckers manage their businesses.