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Empowered Truck Drivers with Rolling Strong

by Apex Capital | June 28, 2012

Rolling Strong Driver Wellness Program

To most people, driving a truck may seem like an easy job. However, due to the sedentary nature of the trucking lifestyle, drivers have to work extra hard to keep themselves healthy and fit. Traditionally, there has been little support for truckers interested in staying healthy. That has changed with the Rolling Strong Driver Wellness Program.

The Rolling Strong Driver Wellness Program educates drivers on how to make healthy lifestyle choices and empowers them to enact such choices on a daily basis. The program is spearheaded by Bob Perry, who is better known as “The Trucker Trainer.” In addition to his role as director of Rolling Strong, Perry serves as the chairman of the Health and Wellness Working Group in the American Trucking Association’s Safety Management Council. Perry has spent years in the trucking industry and now dedicates himself to driver advocacy.

Promoting Driver Health

To promote wellness among drivers, Rolling Strong has a range of services. Interested drivers can receive assistance with everything from eating better to working out while on the road. The program has an informative handbook, complete with tips and sample recipes for the road. Additionally, they host health screenings and truck-friendly medical clinics. Drivers can even undergo sleep testing and treatment as part of Rolling Strong’s comprehensive approach.

One of the newest services is gym membership at Snap Fitness Rolling Strong clubs, which are located at over 1,000 Flying J Centers. Gym membership is offered at an affordable monthly rate, and with locations across the country, it is easier than ever to have access to the necessary facilities to get in shape. Membership also includes information on nutrition and other lifestyle changes to stay healthy on the road.

Wellness for Trucking Companies

Rolling Strong works in conjunction with trucking companies of all sizes and specialties. Companies that join the initiative will receive assistance in starting a wellness program for employees. This includes educational services and ongoing support. Drivers can work with wellness leaders at their company or get information directly from the program to start changing their life. The Rolling Strong website has ample resources, including personalized wellness plans that can be accessed from any place with an Internet connection.

This flexibility is extremely important for truckers, making Rolling Strong one of the best ways to stay healthy while on the road. For more information, drivers should check with their company or visit




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