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CVSA Roadcheck 2021 Focuses on Lighting and Hours of Service

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CVSA Roadcheck 2021 Focuses on Lighting and Hours of Service

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) is ready for its 2021 International Roadcheck, which takes place May 4-6. The event, an annual 72-hour road check inspection spree, covers the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It is designed to remind drivers of the importance vehicle maintenance and driver readiness play in the overall safety of our roadways.

What Is the Focus of the 2021 International Roadcheck?

Each annual CVSA Roadcheck focuses on different aspects of safety compliance. What is the emphasis of this year’s International Roadcheck? For CVSA Roadcheck 2021, it’s all about lighting and hours of service, which provide a specific point of inspection for the vehicle and the driver. Both areas of focus come as a result of data from the 2020 CVSA International Roadcheck. The 2020 edition showed that hours of service violations accounted for 34.7% of all driver out-of-service conditions. The lighting problems, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), ranked high among vehicle violations, taking a 12.24% chunk.

Hours of service (HOS) is always a trucking industry hot topic, and it recently went through some updated rules. Vehicle safety officials suggest that all truckers make sure their ELDs are in working order and logging HOS as legally required. Truckers should be familiar with how to use their ELDs so that they can provide inspectors with the information they need during the roadside truck inspection.

Lighting violations normally stem from all lighting devices, reflectors, and electrical equipment on the vehicle that are not working properly.

It’s Also a North American Standard Level I Inspection

The CVSA inspection, however, will include more than just lighting and hours of service. In fact, the rest of the CVSA International Roadcheck inspection is essentially a 37-step North American Standard Level I Inspection, which includes checking brakes, fuel systems, cargo securement, seat belts, steering mechanisms, tires, and more.

Are You Ready for CVSA International Roadcheck 2021?

Are you ready for the CVSA International Roadcheck 2021? We have some tips for you to prepare your truck for the inspection. Remember that the Apex TCS Fuel Card gets you big discounts on tires and maintenance at all TA Truck Service® centers across the country. That’s a cost-effective way to get your rig ready for the roadcheck.

COVID Protocols Will Be in Place

By now many of you might be wondering how the upcoming CVSA International Roadcheck 2021 will be affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Like the 2020 version of the International Roadcheck, the 2021 installment will also have law enforcement personnel following COVID-19 safety protocols. Also, truckers transporting the COVID-19 vaccine will not be held up for inspection unless there are obvious violations that pose an immediate danger.

History of CVSA’s International Roadcheck

CVSA’s International Roadcheck began in 1988, eight years after the alliance was established as a nonprofit association with a membership that includes commercial motor vehicle safety officials and industry representatives. Since the CVSA Roadcheck began, more than 1.4 million roadside inspections have been conducted.

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