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Apex Culture & Values

The Apex Way

We know that each employee makes this company great. We take care of each other, our clients, and our business partners. That’s the Apex Way.


At Apex, growth is more than just a buzzword; it’s a promise we make to every employee. We are dedicated to nurturing professional development and providing employees with the tools and opportunities to grow as individuals and in their career.


We’ve cultivated a workplace where enjoyment and playfulness intertwine seamlessly with productivity and innovation. We celebrate holidays and company milestones with outstanding parties, have fun philanthropy events throughout the year, and even have a committee dedicated to planning events based on employees’ interests outside of the office. Teams are encouraged to have outings and to celebrate each other – whether that be a birthday, anniversary, or personal achievement.


We understand that meaningful connections are at the heart of a thriving workplace. Our culture is built on a foundation of open communication, collaboration, and a genuine sense of community. We foster this through company – wide meetings, surveys focus groups, and frequent interactions with leadership. We’re committed to creating an environment where every team member feels valued and heard.


As a hybrid workforce, we harness technology, programs, and workspaces that give teams and individuals the flexibility and tools they need to be successful. Together, we navigate change with resilience, turning it into a catalyst for creativity and progress.

Company Values:

We believe in doing the “right” thing: integrity – ethics – open honest communication.

We go about our work in a positive and optimistic way, believing that we can get the results we want and have fun doing it optimistically – energetically – teamwork – fun.

We believe in people’s intentions and care about our clients, business partners, and each other patience in caring for others – making a difference.

We have a strong sense of purpose and a deep passion for our organisation loyalty. reliability – strong work ethics.

We believe that to be successful, we must continuously strive for improvement in every aspect of our business quality – efficiency – adaptability.

Founder & CEO, David Baker, started Apex Capital with Dean Tetirick with the vision to build a company that makes a difference in the industry but especially in the lives of truckers across the country.

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