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Top 10 Hazardous Material Violations

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No one likes getting fined!

If you haul freight with hazardous materials, there’re special rules you need to follow. Things like being registered and having your load properly classed, described, packaged, marked, and labeled are requirements for hazmat carriers.

You also need to follow the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) hazardous material regulations. To help you avoid fines and learn your requirements, here’s a list of the top 10 hazmat violations in 2015.

Violation Code  Violation Description  # of Violations
 1. 177.834A Package not secure in vehicle-Make sure your load is secure when you haul a hazmat load. This helps reduce damage 1,207
 2. 107.620B No copy of U.S. DOT Hazardous materials registration number-Have your registration number posted on your truck and trailer.  1,197
 3. 172.516C6 Placard damaged, deteriorated or obscured-Be sure your placard is readable and not damaged.  998
 4. 177.817A No shipping papers (carrier)-Make sure your drivers have the right hazmat shipping papers before they take any hazmat food.  770
 5. 172.504A Vehicle not placarded as required-Placards must be on each side and each end of your truck.  770
6. 177.817E Shipping paper accessibility-Have your shipping papers ready to give to authorities in case of an accident or inspection. 761
7. 172.602A Emergency response information missing-Emergency response papers must have all the right hazmat information. 606
8. 172.202A Failure to enter basic description of hazardous materials in the right order-Your shipping papers must have the right shipping description. 604
9. 172.502A1 Not having carrier-required placards-As a carrier, it’s your responsibility to make sure your trucks have hazardous materials placards. 571
10. 177.823A No placards or markings when required-Hazmat trucks must be properly marked and placarded. 459


For more information on these violations, visit the FMCSA’s website. Thanks to our friends at Higginbotham for the great tips!
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