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Apex Capital is a Blue Zones Project Approved Worksite

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Apex Capital continues its commitment to employee health and wellness with its designation as the newest Fort Worth Blue Zones Project Approved Worksite. The Fort Worth Blue Zones Project will celebrate and honor the company’s commitment to health and wellness with a short presentation on Friday, November 13th.

To earn the Blue Zones Project designation, Apex continued its efforts through its already established Apex Capital Wellness Program. Since 2012, the Apex Capital Wellness program has helped employees improve their health, reduce medical expenses, increase personal performance, and improve employee satisfaction.

The Apex Capital Wellness Program offers employees:

  • Gym reimbursement and free access to an on-site fitness facility
  • On-site biometric screenings
  • Ergonomic checklists and seminars
  • Standing desk options
  • Designated quiet spaces where workers can downshift
  • Tobacco cessation, nutrition coaching and weight management programs
  • Health and paid-time-off benefits for all full-time employees

Apex completed the Blue Zones Project Worksites Pledge, hosted a Blue Zones Project cooking demonstration and documented a selection of its current best practices from a menu of 46 options to achieve certification.

Blue Zones Project is a community-led well-being improvement initiative aimed at making healthier choices easier for people who live, work and play in Fort Worth. Apex Capital believes that great health positively affects business operations, individual employees and their families.

About Apex Capital

Founded in 1995, Apex Capital Corp is a full service freight factor that specializes in small to medium sized trucking companies. Apex buys freight bills and provides industry leading service, benefits, and credit to clients.

Apex is a privately held company in Fort Worth, Texas, and has been voted one of the top companies to work for in Texas for 7 years in a row and 8 times overall.