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Start Your Own Trucking Company in 2015 for Less Than $1,000!

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Do you dream of getting into the trucking industry? Do you want to go into business for yourself? The New Year brings a chance to achieve these goals. If you want to start your own trucking company in 2015, Apex can help make your dreams a reality with our Startup Program.

We make starting your own trucking company easy. Our qualified transportation specialist will work with you to get your interstate operating authority by gathering information about your company. We then help you form your company in your home state and complete and file the registration applications, so you don’t have to. Apex even sends you a Record Book with all the necessary paperwork you will need to run your trucking company.

Cost of Starting your Company

  • Formation documents with the Secretary of the State in your home state: Varies (every state’s fee is different)
  • Form SS-4 with the Internal Revenue Service: Free
  • Form MCS-150 with the FMCSA: Free
  • Form OP-1 with the FMCSA: $300.00
  • Form BOC-3 with the FMCSA: $150.00
  • Non-refundable Apex administrative fee: $435.00

Growing your Trucking Company

Once your trucking company is set up, you get access to Apex’s factoring services, so you can get cash fast and start hauling loads. When you factor with Apex, you have access to all of our advantages including:

  • FREE access to our load board,
  • FREE fuel card with discounts on fuel nationwide
  • FREE credit checks and self-funding 24/7

And much more!

Apex has specialized in factoring for the trucking industry for nearly 20 years. We ONLY factor freight bills. We are experts in the industry and we continually add new and innovative programs and processes to help our clients save money and manage their business.

Call 844-824-4524 to get in touch with Apex today to see how our Startup, freight factoring and fuel programs can help your business save money, work smarter, and grow.