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Ways for Truck Drivers to Send in Legible Paperwork

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Three Ways for Truck Drivers to Send in Legible Paperwork When on the Road

It can be a challenge for drivers to send paperwork to their freight factoring company when they are on the road. Truckers want to get paid fast, so they need to send in their paperwork as quickly as possible.

Occasionally when electronic or faxed paperwork is submitted to the factoring company, the documents are not clear enough read, which can hold up the auditing process. When paperwork is clear and legible, the auditing process is faster, and truckers can get paid quickly. Luckily there are several technological advancements for truckers available, many of which can help you submit clear, readable paperwork to your freight factoring company.

Below are simple options that many Apex clients use to send in clear, legible paperwork.

Apex Mobile Factoring™ App: Apex clients can use the Mobile Factoring™ App to capture images of paperwork, create and submit invoices to Apex, and access their account any time, from anywhere. For the fastest funding possible, drivers and owners can use their smartphone to take photos of a load’s paperwork, upon delivery of freight, and send the images directly to the Apex Account Management Portal (AMP). For more information or to download the app to your iOS® and Android™ device, visit

FedEx: If your customer requires originals or you aren’t sure, a great way to send paperwork to your freight factor is via US mail with a tracking code. You can use Apex’s FedEx Discount Program or your preferred method of shipping. Just be sure that there is a tracking code associated with the shipment. Your paperwork is as good as real money, so it’s important to track the shipment to prevent it from being lost in the mail.

TripPak EXPRESS Envelopes: TripPak EXPRESS is a cheaper alternative to FedEx, and a convenient service that allows your drivers to submit one load’s paperwork to your freight factor by dropping the documents into a sealed TripPak EXPRESS envelope (provided by Apex), and then placed in a yellow TripPak EXPRESS box. Drivers can stop at over 1,000 TripPak EXPRESS locations nationwide to drop off these envelopes. Once UPS picks up and delivers the envelopes to TripPak (typically within 24 to 48 hours), TripPak scans and delivers the paperwork to Apex Capital. The originals are then managed by Apex, saving you valuable time, storage space, and costs. Most of TripPak’s EXPRESS locations are at truck stops, allowing drivers to conveniently drop off their paperwork.

What methods do you use to submit your paperwork? Let us know how by commenting on our Facebook page, Twitter account, Google + or connect with us on LinkedIn. We would love to know your thoughts!

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