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Talk Like a Trucker: A Guide to Trucker Lingo

by Apex Capital | May 16, 2016

Talk Like a Trucker: A Guide to Trucker Lingo

Your Guide to Trucker Slang

We all wanted to talk like a trucker after seeing trucking movies like Smokey and the Bandit, Black Dog and Convoy. Trucking lingo is still as cool as ever. So if you want to speak trucker, try using these phrases the next time you’re on a CB radio and you’re sure to fit in. 10-4!

Common Trucker Slang:

All locked up: a weigh station is closed
Alligator: there’s a blown tire in the road
Anteater: Kenworth T-600
Bear: police officer
Big slab or big road: interstate
Black eye: your headlight is out
Bulldog: Mack tractor
Buster brown: UPS truck
Chicken coup: weigh station
Double nickel: driving 55 miles per hour
Got your ears on? Are you listening?
Go-go juice: diesel fuel
Reefer: a refrigerated van trailer
Salt shaker: a truck that salts highways
Skateboard: flatbed trailer
Toothpicks: a load of lumber
10-4: message received, OK
Yard stick: miler marker
Hundred mile coffee: very strong coffee
Travel agent: dispatcher

Trucker Names for Cities:

Big A: Amarillo, Texas
A-Town: Atlanta, Georgia
B Town: Birmingham, Alabama
Bean-Town: Boston, Massachusetts
Windy-City: Chicago, Illinois
Choo-Choo: Chattanooga, Tennessee
The Dome: Houston, Texas
Shaky-Town: Los Angeles, California
Derby City: Louisville, Kentucky
Beer Town: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Guitar: Nashville, Tennessee
Bright Lights: Kansas City, Kansas
Gateway: St. Louis, Missouri
Cigar City: Tampa, Florida

Do you know more trucking slang? Let us know if we left out one of your favorite trucking words. Share your thoughts with us by posting on our Facebook page, or Twitter page. For even more trucking fun, check out our post on the “10 Most Memorable Trucks and Truckers in Movies.”
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