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Resources for Trucking Companies During the COVID-19 Crisis

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Resources for Trucking Companies During the COVID-19 Crisis

During the global COVID-19 crisis, the news and updates change rapidly. Carriers and truckers are extra busy right now, making it nearly impossible to keep up.

Early last week, we started documenting updates that would impact carriers and truckers, including FMCSA announcements, truck parking situations, and more. As the crisis continues, we know truckers are looking for solid information on what’s open, what’s changing, and where to go to make sure they stay compliant and get the aid they need.

Here are some resources to help you stay up to date.

For Trucking Rules & Regulations Updates

The FMCSA has issued several declarations and updates to various rules and regulations. You can read the official documentation to see how hours of service, CDL renewals, and drugs and alcohol testing rules are impacted at this time. UPDATE: This page has been removed from the FMCSA website.

The American Trucking Association’s COVID-19 Update Hub
This is one of the most comprehensive pages for trucking industry updates during the COVID-19 crisis. They have extensive updates of state announcements, the status of various offices, actions taken in Washington, and small business relief.

TIA’s COVID-19 Page
The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) aims to keep its members and stakeholders informed, while also providing news for the 3PL and transportation industries. So, here you’ll find links to the TIA Delivers podcasts, news updates, a resource library, testimonials, and more.

For Drivers on the Road

Before the COVID-19 emergency, it was already difficult for truckers to find safe parking and good food on the road. When restaurants and parking facilities began shutting down overnight, it got tougher. Thankfully, there are some places offering deals and relief to the drivers keeping it all moving.

Many restaurants went to “drive-through only”, which means that truckers in their semi-trucks can’t access them. But many chains are making it clear that they’re open for truckers.

The golden arches are there for truckers. To prove it, they have special instructions to make sure truckers get their hot meals without any snags.

The long-standing family diner is “Shifting Gratitude into Overdrive” by offering truckers 15% off on to-go orders. See the ad toward the bottom of this page.

Sapp Bros.
Truck parking is completely free at all Sapp Bros. locations during the COVID-19 outbreak. That’s hugely helpful, for sure. Parking is always a problem for truckers, so anything to alleviate it certainly comes welcomed.

TA®, Petro Stopping Centers®, TA Express®
You can find a state-by-state list here of restaurant regulations, which is super handy. Also, find updates regarding services and amenities at TA, Petro Stopping Centers, and TA Express. The page is date stamped, so you’ll get to-the-minute information.

Local and Small Business Owned Restaurants
There are deals out there. We’re hearing and seeing stories about many local mom and pop diners offering discounted or free meals to truck drivers to say thank you. But since many of those businesses are being hit hard as well, those offers are probably going to change daily. Make sure to check information about your local diners. Social media is a great place to keep yourself informed of hours and regulations, not to mention check out daily specials.

General News and Updates

Google Hub

Google is your friend. When in need of quick information, Google is there with plenty at your fingertips. This page is a catch-all because it offers statistics and news from around the world (including the US, of course) we well as videos and lots of links.

Truckers are our lifeline, so they need to stay healthy and safe during these trying times. If you need to get paid faster to keep your trucks running, all of us at Apex are still working. Give us a call at 855-369-2739 or apply today to get started.