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Quick Pay vs. Apex Factoring with blynk™

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Quick Pay vs. Apex Factoring with blynk™

We want fast. Sometimes fast isn’t fast enough, so we choose faster. That’s today’s society, gratification is expected at the speed of a click.

In trucking, where most carriers are lucky if they get paid in 30 days for hauling a load, having that money super-fast is a necessity instead of a luxury. Because steady cash flow keeps a small to medium-sized trucking company in business, not to mention helps it grow.

Today, truckers do have a choice. They can choose to get paid fast with a quick pay or the new blynk™ digital payment system for Apex Capital factoring clients. Confused about quick pay and blynk™? Let’s look at both and clear the air.

What is Quick Pay?

Quick pay, which might also be referred to as broker quick pay, is an advance on the load from the broker to the trucking company. In other words, a trucker hauls a load for a broker and chooses to get paid with quick pay, so that broker pays the trucker sooner than the average 30-90 day pay terms.

But in the quick pay world, sooner is a about a week. Sure, a week is certainly better than a month or three months, but it’s still not always that quick.

If a trucking company chooses to use quick pay from a freight broker, then the trucking company must haul that broker’s load. That’s part of the quick pay agreement. The broker then charges the trucking company a fee for using quick pay and that fee comes out of the total amount for hauling a load.

What if there’s a problem in the process of hauling the load, such as damage or late arrival? The broker may then choose to not pay the carrier. This leaves the carrier with few resources. Whereas, if the trucking company were to factor that load with Apex Capital, we would put our world-class customer service to work with the client to try to resolve any issues to help get them paid.

blynk™ is a Better Option

The blynk™ digital payment system for Apex Capital factoring clients gives trucking companies speed, ease, and security. blynk™ is a better option than quick pay.

With blynk™, not only can Apex clients get paid the same day, but they can get paid within minutes after their freight invoices are processed. blynk™ gives Apex factoring clients the security of money that goes right into their bank accounts through bank debit cards, Zelle®, and direct DDA transfer with no incoming wire fees at most banks. (Development on integrating with other popular digital payment service platforms is already underway.)

Also, blynk is supported by most banks nationwide, and your funds are securely available for immediate withdrawal.

Plus, did we mention that blynk™ includes world-class customer service and all the perks that come with being an Apex factoring client? Those include free credit checks on brokers and shippers, free Mobile Factoring™ App® with image capture, free fuel card with big discounts on fuel nationwide, unlimited access to our load board,, and more.

Apex freight factoring gets you paid within minutes with blynk™. No more waiting hours or days for money to show up in your bank account. We are here to make sure your trucking company cash flows faster than the blynk™ of an eye. Check out our website as or give us a call at 844-204-8654.