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Apex Capital Explains the CARB Compliance Deadline

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Established in 1967, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) was established to “attain and maintain healthy air quality; protect the public from exposure to toxic air contaminants; and provide innovative approaches for complying with air pollution rules and regulations for the state.”

Current CARB regulations state that fleets with more than three trucks have until Friday, January 31, to use the CARB TRUCRS system to report their efforts to become CARB compliant. Once reported, fleets are able wait until July 1 to comply with CARB’s emissions regulations.

Truck drivers with more than three trucks must retrofit 2005-2006 model engines with “particulate matter filters,” but truck owners can receive the five-month extension if they have:

  • An agreement with an authorized installer for a particulate matter filter retrofit;
  • A signed purchase contract to order a replacement truck equipped with a particulate matter filter (engines must be 2007 model or newer)
  • Approved or denied financing for a retrofit particulate matter filter or for a replacement truck equipped with a particulate matter filter.

Currently, California is the only state that has a regulatory agency for air quality. Because of the Agency’s policies, the transportation industry has had to make adjustments which have trickled down to truck drivers. Depending on the truck, drivers may be required to buy new equipment, make repairs, or replace parts in order to stay compliant.

Even if you aren’t driving in California, it is possible other states may adopt similar regulations, making it important to be familiar with CARB compliance.

Owners must either be compliant or report their efforts to become CARB compliant to receive an extension by Friday, January 31.

CARB also requires trucks to run on SmartWay® verified tires. The SmartWay® verified program was launched in 2004 by EPA, American Trucking Associations, Business for Social Responsibility, and a number of shippers and carriers, including Schneider National, Swift Transportation and UPS. To get more information on the value of using Smart Way® verified tires, check out this Apex Capital blog post.

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