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How to Retain Good Truck Drivers

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We know that driver retention is a huge issue facing trucking companies. Trucking is a tough business and with a shortage of truck drivers, competition for good drivers is at an all-time high. With almost two decades of industry experience, and feedback from our clients, we’ve learned how long-haul carriers can keep their best drivers to grow their businesses.

Tips to Retain Good Truck Drivers

Show Respect: The simplest way to hold onto your truck drivers is to treat them with respect, like you would a member of your family. Truck drivers want to feel like family, so make sure your drivers feel appreciated. When you show that you care about the whole person, not just job performance, drivers feel invested in the company and they are more likely to stay with your company.

Show Appreciation: Take the time to appreciate your drivers. Simple gestures can go a long way to make employees feel appreciated, cared for, and invested in your company. Show your appreciation by saying thank you and sharing your Apex Capital fuel, prescription and hotel discounts with to your drivers.

Show Interest: Know your drivers’ names, their interests, and learn some facts about their families. Make sure your company takes the time to find out personal information about the drivers you’re hiring. If you ask questions and genuinely care about your drivers, they will want to drive for your company.

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