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Apex Appreciates Its Clients With Calendar Showcasing Chrome, Steel Beauties

Client Image

We frame those chrome and steel wonders in our yearly Apex Capital Client Calendar. This is their chance to shine, to display those grand vehicles that not only transport the goods that keep our lives moving, but also serve as sources of pride and joy. Via a social media and website campaign, we asked for photo submissions from July 20 through Aug. 7, 2017. We got a whopping 96 entries. Yeah!

That’s when the competition began to heat up. Our fellow Apexers voted for the Top 15 trucks from Aug. 9-15. We took those 15 trucks to the public for the coveted cover contest, which ran from Aug. 17 through Sept. 5. That cover contest drew 495 public votes. So, without further hesitation, here are the winners in ranking order:

  1. Midnight Express
  2. Fujimo Transport Inc
  3. GFL Logistics LLC
  4. Jeremy Wendling Trucking
  5. Umbrella Logistics Corp
  6. J & K Trucking Inc
  7. Landon Transfer LLC
  8. Rock City Heavy Haul Inc
  9. Cargogivers LLC
  10. Sibic Trucking LLC
  11. Joe’s Custom Hauling
  12. Coca J Truckn LLC
  13. Tied for a month: AVN Trans Inc, Potter Trucking, and Silver Light Trucking Inc
  14. Honorable Mention: Papenfuss Trucking
  15. Honorable Mention: RPM Trucking

As the cover winner, Midnight Express gets to choose its showcasing month. The rest of the winners will be randomly featured in the remaining months. The three-way tie – AVN Trans Inc, Potter Trucking, and Silver Light Trucking Inc – will share one month, and the two honorable mentions will be on the calendar’s back cover. All entries will be included as there will be a tear-off flap that will include images of all the truck pics submitted. Also, all our Apex clients will receive a copy of the 2018 calendar in December.

We just celebrated National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, but Apex toasts its clients year-round.