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Apex and NextLOAD Deliver

Factoring With Apex has it's Perks

We are the smartest way to turn your freight invoices into cash… quickly. At Apex, we believe in putting your money where it belongs: in your hands. When you factor with Apex, you get access to all of these benefits.

  • Quick and easy application process (based on client relationship)
  • Approval and funding within hours
  • Flexible repayment options adjusted to each client’s needs
  • Long and demanding application process (based on detailed financial information and credit documents)
  • Approval and funding can take weeks or months
  • Strict and inflexible repayment
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Apex and NextLOAD Deliver

Get all the benefits of being an Apex Factoring Client with NextLOAD. There’s a reason we’re America’s Favorite Factoring Company.

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