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Apex Client Success Stories

Moon Star Express in Belleville, Michigan
Renee Osaer, Safety Director for Apex factoring client Moon Star Express, loves her work. She is dedicated to the well-being of 102 drivers, which naturally keeps her very busy. It is that dedication to its drivers and its customer that has kept Michigan-based Moon Star Express successfully growing for a decade. The company works hard to maintain a 99.6% satisfaction rating with its customers for whom it primarily hauls automotive parts. Renee is also very vigilant of fuel discounts, which is where the Apex Fuel Card comes in. She calls her relationship with Apex “a great asset.” The pairing is a perfect match, as Moon Star Express and Apex both care about excellent customer service.
Ramo Carriers in Laredo, Texas
Ramo Carriers Expands Beyond the Borders

Apex factoring client Ramo Carriers, run by the personable Omar Gonzalez, has a great story to tell – from his humble beginnings managing a trucking company to his own successful operation in the thriving Texas border city of Laredo. Omar believes strongly in customer service, as does Apex, and in the power of treating people right to encourage repeat business. Customer service is always priority No. 1, as it strengthens the business professionally and philosophically. Omar likes to tell the story of how a fence during his trucking company managing days was in need of repair. That fence gave him inspiration to create a trucking company that would be strong from the ground up.

Transcole Express Runs on Integrity and Service

Gloria Alzate is the force behind Transcole Express in Orlando, Florida. She and her husband, Andrey Gutierrez, keep the business moving by smartly diversifying in dealing with a variety of brokers and hauling an assortment of cargo, including regular loads for Walmart. But for Gloria, Transcole is all about family. It’s not only the family business but having the freedom to work from home means she can take care of all the Transcole back office work — from shrewdly managing brokers and pricing to keeping payments on two trucks flowing — and raise her two teenage children. That’s no small feat. Gloria’s amazingly positive attitude and her refreshing business philosophy make her a strong woman in trucking.

Midnight Express | Apex Capital Factoring Client
Husband and Wife Duo Keep the Wheels Running Smoothly

Lisa and David Dahlke formed Midnight Express in 2009, and it’s been steady hauling ever since. David does the driving, while Lisa takes care of the back-office paperwork and motherhood. She is instrumental to the success of the family business — from her tech-savvy skills to her conscientious organization of Midnight Express invoices, schedules, etc. Together they are an unbeatable team. Using the fuel card and the fuel finder, which David does regularly, makes for smooth savings while on the road. Both Lisa and David sing praises of the Apex fuel card and the fuel finder.

AWS Transport | Alvin Seger
Chef Turned Trucker Thrives on the Road

When Alvin Seger tired of being a chef, he’d had enough of slaving away in a hot kitchen, he decided to try the freedom of being his own boss and taking his truck down the open highway. So, he turned to the Apex Startup Program, then became an Apex factoring client. Today Alvin keeps himself and his one-man company, AWS Transport, afloat through hard work, flexibility, and great business advice from his Apex account executive, Aeron Lopez. Alvin proves you can get out of the kitchen and into the cab.