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Apex Client Success Stories

Roadrunner Freight Services
No. 14 in a series of case studies on Apex clients, focusing on Apex services that have been instrumental to their success, and their relationship with their Account Executive, Megan Black. Our 14th case study is Roadrunner Freight Services, an LLC run by Mariela Flores and her husband Edwardo Flores. They are based in Hondo, TX. We will tell the Roadrunner trucking story, their connection to Apex, how using the Apex fuel card, the mobile app, blynk, and credit checks has been company-changing for Mariela, who takes care of the day-to-day business. She also offers advice to somebody wanting to start a trucking company.
Classic Transportation
Buddy Hall, sole proprietor of Oklahoma-based Classic Transportation, runs his trucking company with a combination of business savvy, customer-focus, and plenty of do-it-yourself attitude. That’s exactly why Classic has been going strong since 2009. Buddy has been an Apex factoring client since starting his company, which specializes in hauling marina construction materials and heavy equipment. Buddy takes advantage of many Apex tools and services to help him succeed – the Apex TCS Fuel Card with great diesel discounts, the blynk™ digital payment system to get his cash flowing in minutes, and the Apex Mobile Factoring™ App to make sending his freight invoices quick and easy. As an owner-operator who then became a trucking company owner, Buddy has plenty of firsthand advice on keeping customers happy and the importance of factoring. Read how Buddy keeps Classic Transportation running smoothly.
PDP Trucking Inc
After 14 years in the trucking industry, Peter Pshichenko learned that staying flexible and taking necessary turns ultimately become the keys to success. This is how his PDP Trucking Inc, based in Cedar Hill, Texas, grew from one truck to 70 owner-operators. Peter and PDP have been Apex factoring clients for 10 years. That’s a big decade. In that time his company has gone through some ups and downs and undoubtedly emerged all the better for it. Today, PDP remains strong by diversifying when it comes to hauling – refrigerated foods, dry goods, metals, machinery, and more. As an Apex client, Peter and his staff take advantage of the Apex TCS Fuel Card, Apex credit checks, our online invoicing system, the Apex Mobile Factoring App, among many services. Read about Peter’s never-give-up attitude and his love for trucking.
globia transit llc
Does thoughtful and steady win the trucking company race? Wylie, Texas-based Globia Transit LLC is a prime example of how keeping business smart and efficient leads to long term success. Christopher Muriuki and his wife Florence started Globia Transit LLC in 2011. They have been Apex factoring clients for 8 years. Muriuki is a big proponent of factoring as a key way to keep cash flow steady. So he makes sure to submit his invoices like clockwork and take full of advantage of many Apex services such as the Apex TCS Fuel Card, Apex credit checks, and Apex’s Account Management Portal (AMP). Globia Transit LLC is two-trucks strong with a variety of hauls including cattle feed, medical supplies, oil, lockers, and dairy products.
R&J Logistical Division Inc
Rick Metzing started R&J Logistical Division, Inc. after spending some time in the freight industry and then in the automatic transmission business world. He learned that the trucking industry changed dramatically when he walked back into in 2009. So he decided to experiment and started an expedited trucking company. R&J Logistical Division, Inc. has been an Apex factoring client for eight years. Rick, a personable guy that likes to do business face-to-face with plenty of humor thrown in for good measure, enjoys the fact that Apex Capital and R&J are both based in Fort Worth. He also enjoys working with the Apex Online Invoicing System and his account executive Brenda Machos. Today, R&J Logistical Division, Inc. is a successful expedited trucking company delivering everything from oil field equipment to Las Vegas show lights – in a hurry!
Don and Stephanie Gumfory of Burleson, Texas started their trucking company, Gumfory Holdings, through the Apex Startup Program. Now they are great Apex factoring clients. They recently celebrated their first year in business and as Don says, “We are blessed.” In that year they learned to nurture dedicated lanes (hauling milk) and be open to flexibility (hauling steel and cotton). Don kept Apex by their side every step of the way, from saving on startup fees because Stephanie is a veteran to saving big on diesel with the Apex TCS Fuel Card. Don, who left a steady company driver position complete with benefits because he wanted to be his own boss, hasn’t looked back one bit. He’s ready to put in the work to ensure more Gumfory Holdings celebrations.
Phillips Roadway Services LLC
Phillip’s Roadway Services Gets Rolling
Phillip Scherer formed his trucking company, Phillip’s Roadway Services LLC, through the Apex Startup Program in February 2018. He became an Apex factoring client in April 2018. In a short year, Scherer grew his trucking company and now owns three trucks. But as far as the office at Phillip’s Roadway Services is concerned, it’s operated like a one-man band. As Scherer works hard running his trucking company – he’s owner, dispatcher, and manager all in one – he admits he isn’t particularly picky about what he hauls. He takes on general freight, paper towels, toilet paper, motorcycles, even mail for the US Postal Service.
Papenfuss Trucking
Papenfuss Trucking Enjoys Steady Growth
Johnny and Amy Papenfuss, a husband-and-wife team, took the plunge and formed Papenfuss Trucking in 2012 after Johnny had spent some time dairy farming and driving a truck under his dad’s authority. Six years later, Papenfuss Trucking is a successful 20-truck operation in Perham, Minnesota. That growth comes with the help of Apex factoring since 2013 and a slew of other Apex tools, including our credit checks, fuel card program, and back-office support. Oh, and Papenfuss Trucking is also the winner of the Apex Capital Client Calendar 2019 cover contest. Don’t miss a look at their beautiful winning entry.
Ramo Carriers in Laredo, Texas
Ramo Carriers Expands Beyond the Borders

Apex factoring client Ramo Carriers, run by the personable Omar Gonzalez, has a great story to tell – from his humble beginnings managing a trucking company to his own successful operation in the thriving Texas border city of Laredo. Omar believes strongly in customer service, as does Apex, and in the power of treating people right to encourage repeat business. Customer service is always priority No. 1, as it strengthens the business professionally and philosophically. Omar likes to tell the story of how a fence during his trucking company managing days was in need of repair. That fence gave him inspiration to create a trucking company that would be strong from the ground up.

Transcole Express
Transcole Express Runs on Integrity and Service

Gloria Alzate is the force behind Transcole Express in Orlando, Florida. She and her husband, Andrey Gutierrez, keep the business moving by smartly diversifying in dealing with a variety of brokers and hauling an assortment of cargo, including regular loads for Walmart. But for Gloria, Transcole is all about family. It’s not only the family business but having the freedom to work from home means she can take care of all the Transcole back office work — from shrewdly managing brokers and pricing to keeping payments on two trucks flowing — and raise her two teenage children. That’s no small feat. Gloria’s amazingly positive attitude and her refreshing business philosophy make her a strong woman in trucking.