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A Mobile App can Help Run Your Trucking Company

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Mobile apps have become universal in our daily lives. The amount of time people spend online with their smartphone is growing. It’s impossible to know exactly how many mobile apps are available, but some interesting statistics show:

  • In July, 2008, there were 800 apps in the Apple App Store®. As of June, 2015, there were more than 1.5 million apps available!
  • Apple estimates that more than 100 billion downloads of iOS® apps have been performed. (That’s “B” as in Billion!)
  • In November 2015, the official Android® app store, Google Play®, had more than 1.8 million apps available for users.
  • Both iOS and Android apps continue to be built and published for users.

Apex is dedicated to building a mobile app that allows our factoring clients to manage and run all aspects of their trucking business faster and easier. We know it can be really tough out there for carriers and we understand their focus is on key things to make their business successful like:

  • Fuel cost and management
  • Finding good loads that will pay
  • Freight invoice and paperwork management
  • Reliable cash flow

There are many other items important to carriers like insurance, equipment costs, and driver retention, but most trucking companies rely on steady cash flow to maintain and grow.

There are many apps available that do only one small piece of what a carrier needs in order to run their business. For example, there are apps that just take pictures and allow you to scan an image. There are apps that provide a list of truck stop amenities, but no pricing, and apps that provide imaging processing in addition to just scanning, but no integrated fuel stop or pricing information or no integrated reporting.

The Apex Mobile Factoring™ App provides a complete solution to a carrier’s needs. It provides everything carriers can use to run their trucking business directly from their tablet or smart phone.

Apex Mobile Factoring™ provides the opportunity for both new and seasoned carriers to do exactly what the other apps can’t.

With Mobile Factoring™, an Apex client can:

  • Check credit on brokers and shippers
  • Take photos of a load’s paperwork upon delivery
  • Create and manage invoices and schedules
  • Track the funding/payment statuses of your invoices and schedules
  • View reports about your factoring and fuel accounts
  • Use the Apex Fuel Finder to find the best fuel prices
  • See what amenities are available at truck stops

We get asked all the time how much an app this powerful costs and we love telling our clients that it’s absolutely FREE. We’re in the business to help our clients, and the Apex Mobile Factoring™ App is just one way we’re committed to helping trucking companies succeed.

The Apex Capital Mobile Factoring™ App can be downloaded to your tablet or smartphone (available for iOS® and Android™ devices).

See how our factoring services, fuel card program, free load board and other advantages will help your fleet save time and money too!