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Trucking Industry News Update 4/24/18

by Hannah Marcom | April 24, 2018

ELD Violations

Has Strict ELD Enforcement Impacted Spot Market Freight Rates?

According to the data from DAT Trendlines™, the answer is no. Earlier this month there were more trucks posting their availability on the spot market and capacity loosened a little bit. This good news followed a record month for spot market rates in March where flatbed trailers received a 16-cent increase month-over-month and van rates have risen 52 cents year-over-year and are on track to exceed their previous record rate-per-mile. Mark Montague, DAT industry analyst, expects to see “rates continue to rise at least until the end of June.” Get more spot market freight rate information, like where the best freight rates are currently in the nation, and more from Overdrive and American Trucker.

A Record Freight Demand has Carriers and Shippers Working Together

When you think about the truck driver shortage, an increasing load-to-truck ratio, a tightening of capacity, and a booming economy it makes you wonder how the transportation of goods and services will fair. Luckily, carriers and shippers are working together to prevent disruptions to the ever-growing demand on freight haulers. Shippers are allowing more flexible delivery times, increasing load volumes, and using drop-and-hook set ups to keep truck drivers moving. Carriers believe that shippers will consider increasing the use of dedicated equipment to meet transportation demands. To learn more about current freight demands and the efforts to keep up with them, head over to Transport Topics.

ELD Violations are Now Recorded in SMS

Now that the soft enforcement period for ELDs is over the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) will record all ELD violations in the Safety Measurement System (SMS). Why is this important? Because ELD violations that occurred prior to the April 1st enforcement date won’t be added to the SMS. Any new ELD violations recorded in the SMS system will be reflected in the Hours of Service Compliance BASIC in early May. Heavy Duty Trucking and Overdrive have the full lists of ELD violations, their severity weights, and tips on which ELD violations you can DataQ if they were received prior to April 1, 2018.




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