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Static Trucking LLC Wins the 2025 Apex Capital Client Calendar Contest

Client Image

A Sepia-Toned Slice of Americana: Static Trucking LLC Wins the 2025 Apex Capital Client Calendar Contest

Picture standing under clear skies with sepia-toned grass stretching out before you – a dreamy slice of Americana. This was the perfect setting for Joseph Stanley, owner of Tennessee-based Static Trucking LLC, to photograph his 2019 Kenworth T680. He submitted this photo for the 2025 Apex Capital Client Calendar Contest.

Joseph’s stunning entry won, earning Static Trucking LLC the cover of the 2025 Apex Capital Client Calendar! Joseph, who has been an Apex client since mid-2023, will also get to choose which month will feature his Kenworth T680. Specializing in lumber and oversized loads on his flatbed truck, Joseph snapped this winning photo while traveling through the Midwest on his way south.

“This was a load out of Nebraska headed down to Oklahoma,” says Joseph. “I was hauling equipment used for the construction of wind turbines. I propped the phone on a rock and took the video. From that, I managed to score a sweet photo as well. It was a win-win.”

And the Other Lucky Winners Are…

To fill up the remaining spots on the 13-month 2025 calendar, we will be featuring the other lucky winning companies and trucks this year:

  • Flat Out Services LLC
  • Papenfuss Trucking Inc
  • FNS Freights LLC
  • Defenders Express LLC
  • Carbridge Transport LLC
  • Gopher Truck LLC
  • B&H Logistics Inc
  • Umbrella Logistics Corp
  • Antique Enterprises Inc
  • CRT Heavy Haul LLC
  • L&L Transport Inc
  • MG Carriers LLC

We also have two honorable mentions – YJJL Transport LLC and Eric M Thompson Trucking LLC. The calendar also features the images of every truck picture submitted. All our Apex clients will receive a copy of the 2025 calendar in December and their holiday gift.

Apex Shows Appreciation for Our Clients

Our annual Apex Client Calendar is one of the many ways we show our appreciation for our clients. We feature 13 chrome and steel beauties and showcase them as shining examples of pride and joy. This year’s contest to select the baker’s dozen trucks and pick a cover winner began May 9 with photo submissions through June 6. From June 10-14, our fellow Apexers voted to select the Top 13, and from June 20-July 8 public votes determined the cover-winning truck.

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