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Trucking Companies During National Pandemic: How Five Apex Clients Stay in Survival Mode

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In the middle of a national pandemic, we all switch to survival mode. We wear masks. We practice social distancing. We make keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe the number-one priority.

Truck drivers don’t have the working-from-home luxury during this national health crisis. And a trucking company’s survival depends on delivering the goods that we use daily. But during a national pandemic, those goods may not be moving as quickly and plentifully as usual. So, how can trucking companies keep their businesses going?

Our Apex factoring clients are resourceful when it comes to navigating these difficult times. We have stories from five Apex clients. Each of these trucking company owners share how they assessed the situation, adapted to the changes, and kept rolling down the highway.

Ramo Carriers Saves Money, Focuses on Teamwork

Omar Gonzalez, owner of Ramo Carriers in Laredo, Texas, realized he needed to adapt his business model to the realities of a national health crisis. He rallied his team and started saving money.

“One of the best practices that I applied was using the Apex Fuel Finder,” says Omar. “We are picking up so many savings with the Fuel Finder on the Mobile Factoring™ app. I am awarding drivers 20 dollars weekly for using it, and they are implementing it daily.”

Omar is focusing on the basics, surrounding his business with quality support and great customer service strategies. “How are we navigating these changes? Well, with the right people, companies, and programs, and by staying true and honest toward everyone. Nothing is perfect, but with my little team it’s achievable.”

Ramo Carriers

PDP Trucking Banks on Knowledge for Survival

Knowledge is power in trucking. Peter Pshichenko, owner of PDP Trucking in Cedar Hill, Texas, keeps his company afloat during the national pandemic by being smart at staying informed. For Peter and his team, knowledge is power – and money.

“It’s been hard, but we did not close the company like other businesses did,” says Peter. “So, we were lucky in that sense. We only have owner-operators, no company drivers, so we turned to online industry resources for data. I’ve been sending many updates to all of the owner-ops about the market, on how to navigate the routes that pay.”

Peter watched the company’s load volume drop, which means freight rates dropped, too. Some of his owner-operators chose to stay home because of the virus, while others hauled just to cover their bills. But he is seeing some light down the road: “We have seen a spike in some areas, though, so I hope that trend continues. Parts of the USA are opening back up, so demand should go up. We should be able to bounce back soon.”

PDP Trucking

Globia Transit Keeps It Steady Day by Day

Steady wins the race. Christopher Muriuki, co-owner of Globia Transit LLC in Wylie, Texas, is working hard to keep his company running as smoothly as possible even during a national health crisis. So how does he do it? He works closely with his dedicated Account Executive at Apex and takes advantage of free unlimited Apex credit checks.

“We are running it day by day,” says Christopher, “always paying close attention to the credit strength of each customer we choose to haul for.”

Globia Transport

Phillip’s Roadway Services Accentuates the Positive

To survive the economic difficulties of a national health crisis, you must focus on the positive. That’s exactly what Phillip Scherer, owner of Phillip’s Roadway Services in Henderson, Nevada, is doing.
“These times have been tough for sure,” says Phillip, “but I’m hanging in there.”


He’s sticking with better freight rates from the west coast, including reefer loads from California. Phillip is also keeping an eye on the future, so he’s improving his trucking company with better equipment.

Phillip Roadway

“I am in the process of leasing a brand new 2020 truck from Penske, taking advantage of their special with zero down because of the coronavirus,” he says. “Other than that, I’m still working on getting some dedicated freight.”

R&J Logistical Division Conforms to New Normal, Eyes Future Growth

How do you keep an expedited trucking company cruising during a national pandemic? Rick Metzing can tell you. Rick, owner of R&J Logistical Division Inc. in Fort Worth, is surviving by conforming to the new normal while sharpening his vision of the future.

“We’re all feeling the negative impact of this retreat for sure,” says Rick. “Fortunately, R&J has kept itself solvent for rainy days. But this is our first try at working through a paralyzing economy. It is a challenge, for sure. We’re keeping everything at the norm, not taking away or adding.”

Rick also has a positive attitude, and he sees this time as having the potential for growth and renewal. “R&J will navigate this just like we did the 2008 meltdown,” he says. “This is the time to move and create, buy and construct. This cycle will pass. We need to get to work, get busy. Take advantage of this time and create the dream business. Let’s use this window of opportunity.”


Apex is always ready to help our clients grow and succeed even during trying times. Our full-service factoring provides trucking companies with reliable cash flow and a stable of tools and services to ensure steady growth. Is your trucking company ready for Apex’s world-class customer service? Visit our website or give us a call at 855-369-2739.