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In-Cab Technology for Fuel Efficiency in Fleets

by Apex Capital | April 21, 2015

Electronic Logging Device, ELD

There are many advantages to making sure your trucks are up to date with the best and most current technology.

By improving in-cab technology, you can reduce your driver turnover rate, improve your CSA scores, and even reduce your fuel bill, which can mean big savings for your trucking company.

Reduce Your Fuel Bill

Let’s talk about fuel. You may have seen a drop in fuel prices recently, and although they’re going up again, you can still keep fuel costs low. On average, a big-rig traveling at 65 mph rather than 75 mph will use nearly 27% less fuel. To see these results, you can implement technology to help you manage fuel consumption. GreenRoad, a driver performance firm, implements a feed-back system for its clients that cuts fuel and maintenance costs by about 10%. There are even conferences dedicated to help you find the right fuel-saving technology, such as the Southeast Regional Fleet Workshop hosted by Calstart. Improving fuel efficiency is an easy way to save money.

Mobile Factoring™

Technology improvements aren’t just limited to the truck. If you factor with Apex, you can download the new Apex Capital Mobile Factoring™ app, so that you can factor your freight bills from your smartphone. With quick access to your account, it has never been easier to factor outside of the office. The app allows you or your drivers to take photos of the load’s paperwork with your smartphone and send the images to an online Account Management Portal for easy access by drivers and owners.  From the app, you can also create and submit invoices and schedules, run reports, and you can use the Fuel Finder to find the best prices on fuel based on your location!

Not only is the trucking industry evolving to make the most out of new technologies, but they are trying to save you money while they do it. From truck amenities to safety features, and mobile apps, technology has never been able to save your trucking company this much money and time.

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